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  • wage theft Local News

    Seattle celebrity chef settles for $1 million in wage theft lawsuit

    Seattle celebrity chef Josh Henderson is pulling back from his business, selling nine restaurants and settling a $1 million lawsuit amid allegations of wage theft.
  • construction crane Local News

    Seattle three-peats as the construction crane capital of the US

    Once again, Seattle tops the country's list of most construction cranes up and operating after yet another spurt of development in the Emerald City.
  • single rose project Rachel Belle

    Single Rose Project: Sammamish woman gave away free roses for a year

    Sammamish artist Carrie Schmitt was having a rough year. So she started "A Single Rose Project," where she gave a rose to a stranger everyday for a year. The result was a powerful social experiment.
  • hogweed Local News

    Giant hogweeds are another thing to sort of worry about

    If you needed something else to worry about, consider hogweeds, a poisonous local plant which can cause sever burns and make your skin vulnerable to sunlight.
  • I-1552 Dori Monson

    Infamous Golden Gardens attacker has died in prison

    Golden Gardens attack survivor Kelly Herron found out this week that the man who assaulted and attempted to rape her, Gary Steiner, died in prison.
  • whitman middle school, Ballard Dori Monson

    Dori: Another assault in Ballard, this time a child at a community center

    A woman under the influence attacked a 4-year-old child at a summer camp at the Ballard Community Center. Dori blames Councilmember Mike O'Brien for turning the idyllic streets of Ballard into a center of crime.
  • shower thoughts Ron and Don

    Ron Upshaw's shower thoughts: Words, weather, and fancy dinners

    Ron Upshaw considers complaining about the summer weather when we all just complained about the long rainy winter season in this edition of Shower Thoughts.
  • bike light, bike lanes, bike lane network Local News

    Mike O'Brien wants to hold SDOT accountable for bike lane network

    Mike O'Brien wants to hold the Seattle Department of Transportation to a deadline when it comes to completing a bike lane network.
  • safe gun storage Local News

    More Washington cities consider safe gun storage regulations

    In the wake of Seattle's recently-passed safe gun storage regulation, other Western Washington communities are following with their own, similar rules.
  • Air Force One Local News

    Boeing to build 'red, white and blue' Air Force One plane

    Boeing is building the most patriotic Air Force One planes ever made for future presidents.
  • tolls, I-405, tolled roads

    Gov. Inslee gives Inslee-style answer to tolling question

    With more tolls coming, we ask Gov. Jay Inslee if tolling is the new norm when it comes to funding transportation projects ...
  • sound transit, seattle Local News

    Home-owning families with children on the decline around Seattle

    The number of home owning families with children has dropped considerably in the past decade, while that group has opted to rent instead.
  • Dave Ross

    Russia doesn't own him, the voters do

    Russia doesn’t own President Trump. His voters own him. He legitimately won the right to push his policies as far as he can for four years.
  • gun control, safe storage, gun law Dori Monson

    Dori: Nice job to Ballard homeowner for defending himself in burglary

    Applauding a Ballard homeowner for using his right to own a gun to defend himself against a burglar. But Seattle's new gun law makes this more difficult.
  • Trump Dori Monson

    What Dori would have said Tuesday if he were President Trump

    After President Trump's bumbling speech denying his previous statement on Russian interference in the 2016 election, Dori gives the speech that he would have given if he were in Trump's place.
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