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  • Renton Local News

    Renton Police recruiting private surveillance for crime-fighting partnership

    The Renton Police Department is hoping to get access to thousands of private cameras installed throughout the city. It’s called the Camera Registration Program.
  • Maria Cantwell Local News

    New earthquake bill from Sen. Cantwell 'critical to Washington state'

    A bill sponsored by Sen. Maria Cantwell designed to help states prepare for and respond to earthquakes was signed into law Thursday.
  • Jay Inslee Jason Rantz

    Rantz: Gov. Inslee’s insane $1.1 billion request to save orcas, and his campaign

    Governor Jay Inslee is uniquely unqualified to save the southern resident orcas in Puget Sound, yet he has the audacity to ask for a whopping $1.1 billion to do just that.
  • KIRO Nights

    Gee Scott: Ken Norton's important role in Seahawks' bounce-back season

    As he does before each game, Seahawks insider Gee Scott breaks down three things he is hearing from players ahead of Sunday's Week 15 game against the San Francisco 49ers.
  • Inslee Dori Monson

    Dori: Jay Inslee rips off small businesses, shows hypocrisy in budget

    Jay Inslee's proposed new budget with its massive tax increases will hurt small businesses, homeowners, and families who have put their own children through college.
  • amanda knox KIRO Nights

    Amanda Knox talks Jonestown, life after exoneration, more

    Amanda Knox is hosting a podcast that seeks to provide understanding for the victims and survivors of the Jonestown Massacre.
  • Reichert Local News

    Washington Rep. Reichert calls for end to congressional investigations

    Republican Congressman Dave Reichert said Wednesday that it's time for Congress to stop all investigations and focus on solving the issues facing the country.
  • teachers Local News

    Are member dues pushing Seattle teachers out of union?

    Seattle educators pay upwards of $1,000 in union member dues every year, and now, that price-tag could be causing an exodus numbering in the hundreds.
  • Inslee Local News

    Gov. Inslee proposes capital gains tax, B&O tax hike, and modifying levy cap

    In his most recent budget proposal, Washington Governor Jay Inslee is proposing to drop a cap on levies, allowing them to fluctuate higher and lower in local jurisdictions.
  • Trump and Schumer arguing over shutdown Michael Medved

    Caravans and shutdowns are both unpopular

    Both President Trump and Democrats and Congress are making a mistake when it comes to the threat of a shutdown -- it's time for everyone to sit down and compromise.
  • holiday gifts Ron and Don

    Give experiences, not gifts this holiday season

    Why do we subject ourselves to the gift-giving ritual and what is gift-giving supposed to mean? Why not opt for the gift of experiences?
  • human heart Local News

    Human heart left behind on Seattle-bound flight

    Southwest Airlines says a Dallas-bound flight returned to Seattle last weekend because a human heart was left onboard.
  • orca Local News

    Gov. Inslee proposes $1.1 billion budget to aid Puget Sound orcas

    Washington Governor Jay Inslee is proposing $1.1 billion in the upcoming 2019-2021 budget to aid the recovery of Puget Sound orca which population is at a historic low.
  • flooding, incident response Chokepoints

    Just how long does it take to clear the average crash?

    Every eight minutes and 18 seconds between July and September, the state's incident response trucks were called to handle some sort of incident. That's nearly 16,000 problems they responded-to in the third quarter of this year.
  • Michael cohen Dave Ross

    Ross: When to disobey your powerful boss

    Michael Cohen is going to prison because the law expects you to disobey when your boss tells you to do something corrupt. Everyone who works for a powerful boss needs to breathe this in.
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