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  • middle finger statue Dori Monson

    Vermont man builds middle finger statue to get back at small government

    A Vermont man found a way to stand up to corruption and political games in a small town government - by putting a giant middle finger statue on his property.
  • Walmart layway KIRO Nights

    Bellevue CEO pays off Walmart layaways for 110 Washington families

    One CEO in Washington makes a habit of donating big, in unique ways each holiday season. This year, he paid the layaway bills for families at two Walmart stores in the state.
  • seattle dark KIRO Nights

    Unpopular Opinion: Getting dark early in Seattle is a good thing

    Is the fact that it's getting dark earlier in Seattle a good thing? There may be some benefits and there may be a few people out there in the suffocating dark who actually like it.
  • NHL Seattle Tom and Curley

    Will the NHL actually be embraced by Seattle?

    Seattle isn't exactly what one might think of as a traditional hockey town. Will hockey be embraced here by locals?
  • An avalanche bulletin is in effect Local News

    Avalanche bulletin issued for Olympics, Cascades, Mt. Hood

    The Northwest Avalanche Center put out a special bulletin Friday, warning of avalanche danger in the Olympics, Cascades, and Oregon's Mt. Hood.
  • Awesome Audio Dori Monson

    Awesome Audio of 2018: Construction workers interrupt Kshama

    You voted, now listen to the Dori Monson Show Awesome Audio of the Year!
  • orca, killer whale Dave Ross

    Expert skeptical of Washington state's orca-saving proposal

    The conversation around saving Puget Sound's southern resident orca have missed a few major points, according to one expert that is skeptical of plans to save the ailing killer whales.
  • the green book Michael Medved

    'Green Book' is 'Driving Miss Daisy' in reverse, and an acting triumph

    Michael Medved believes "Green Book" may land a second Oscar for Mahershala Ali, as it looks at Dr. Don Shirley as he tours the South in the sixties.
  • Ron and Don Ron and Don

    A heartfelt thanks to our 'Ron and Don Show' listeners

    The more I thought about the new year, the more I realized that what I really wanted to do is to just take a minute to thank all of you for listening to our show.
  • michael cohen KIRO Nights

    Michael Cohen is a cautionary tale about blind loyalty

    If Michael Cohen, at some point, took stock and felt his values aligned with his leader, then I don't feel sorry for the guy.
  • Hannukah Michael Medved

    The New York Times slimes Hanukkah

    The New York Times recently challenged its Jewish readers by featuring a provocative, but deeply misguided column titled, “The Hypocrisy of Hanukkah.”
  • sound transit, Sound Transit CEO Local News

    Sound Transit CEO Rogoff likely up for $16K bonus

    The Seattle Times reported Friday that Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff could be in line for a $16,000 performance bonus for 2018, on top of an 11 percent raise from his new three-year contract.
  • Bellevue Local News

    Driver crashes stolen car in Bellevue, flees scene, leaves behind injured passenger

    After eluding Bellevue police, a driver crashed their car along 120th Avenue NE, injuring a passenger. The road was shut down for hours for investigators to look over the crash scene.
  • Renton Local News

    Renton Police recruiting private surveillance for crime-fighting partnership

    The Renton Police Department is hoping to get access to thousands of private cameras installed throughout the city. It’s called the Camera Registration Program.
  • IRS Dave Ross

    How to solve the tax gap, erase the deficit, and build a wall

    During November, the federal government spent twice as much as it took in. Biggest monthly deficit on record. Which is why some are calling for more IRS auditors to get rich people to pay their fair share.
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