Obama Lands in Seattle
President Obama's motorcade is expected to snarl traffic in Seattle during his visit
Concert Congestion
Concertgoers are crying foul after missing the Journey-Steve Miller show for a traffic jam
Seeking a Sequel
Danny O'Neil has 3 things things to watch for as the Seahawks start training camp

Is it right for mayor to block eviction of disabled veteran?

Seattle Mayor Murray and City Councilmember Sawant stepped in to block the eviction of a Seattle couple after foreclosure, but is that fair?

I-90 carmageddon a no-show; how do we keep it that way?

Nightmare traffic predicted for the I-90 project has failed to materialize. So why can't we keep it flowing all the time?

One man's home spared amid wildfire destruction

Even as flames from the Carlton Complex fire came dangerously close to his home, Dale Burnison ignored warnings to evacuate.