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  • Olympia Bomb Threat Local News

    State capitol hit by sixth bomb threat in just five weeks

    Olympia has been inundated with bomb threats over the last month, with the latest hitting the buildings for the Department of Highway Licensing and Department of Natural Resources Thursday morning.
  • tow Local News

    Homeless woman slapped with $21K towing bill

    Despite being homeless, Amanda Ogle spent a year trying to get her car back from a tow truck company. It took the courts, a judge, and a lot of patience. Now, the company wants her to pay $21,000.
  • Seattle police Dori Monson

    Dori: What was Jenny Durkan trying to hide at Seattle Police Department press conference?

    At a press conference between Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, Mayor Jenny Durkan, and Seattle Police Guild President Kevin Stuckey, Durkan whispered, "Don't answer it" to Stuckey when a reporter asked him a question. What is she trying to hide from her constituents?
  • Washington Supreme Court Local News

    Washington Supreme Court ends life sentences without parole for juveniles

    In yet another landmark decision, Washington state's highest court ruled it unconstitutional to sentence juveniles of any age to life without parole.
  • seattle, HR department, shadow city hall Jason Rantz

    Attorney says he'll prove Seattle is run by a 'shadow city hall'

    Attorney Lincoln Beauregard says the latest development in court will help him show that Seattle leaders operate with a "shadow city hall" outside of the transparent government.
  • prostitution Jason Rantz

    Rantz: Prostitutes flood Seattle as city attorney refuses to charge, cops complain

    Another result of Seattle's lax enforcement of laws is the rise of prostitution, according to some police officers. Prostitutes are coming in from out of town, attracted to the low enforcement in Seattle.
  • pete holmes, Seattle City Attorney Dori Monson

    Dori: Judge tells City Attorney Pete Holmes the truth about how poorly he serves us

    City Attorney Pete Holmes was told by a municipal court judge that he has a "complete disregard for public safety." Somebody had to say it.
  • mountain bike Dori Monson

    Specialized mountain bike stolen from man with disability

    Nathan Mann did not let an injury that left him paralyzed stop him from pursuing his passion for outdoor sports -- a customized arm-powered mountain bike allowed him to get outdoors with his family. But last week, someone stole the specialized bike from Mann's home in Graham.
  • seattle school bus Local News

    Ongoing Seattle school bus driver shortage creating rampant delays

    38 routes experienced delays on Monday and 35 routes had delays up to two hours on Tuesday, leaving parents scrambling for carpools and other modes of transportation.
  • Kshama Sawant Dori Monson

    Paul Allen donated billions, but Kshama Sawant's 'donations' boomerang

    Kshama Sawant attacked Paul Allen on Facebook. Yet while he donated his money to a wide variety of causes, all of Kshama Sawant's donations seem to boomerang right back to her.
  • affordable groceries initiative Jason Rantz

    Farm Bureau CEO: If we can't compete, it's bad for Washington agriculture

    The CEO of the Washington Farm Bureau says a Yes on the Affordable Groceries initiative would farmers competitive in the world market.
  • Local News

    Rossi vs Schrier: Debating Trump's tax cuts, climate change, Medicare

    Republican candidate Dino Rossi is debating his Democratic opposition, Kim Schrier, tonight at 7 p.m. at Central Washington University in Ellensburg. 
  • Local News

    Seattle judge: City Attorney's office had 'complete disregard for public safety'

    A Seattle Municipal Court judge said the City Attorney’s Office had a “complete disregard for public safety” in the plea deal it offered a suspect accused of threatening an African American man.
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