Apathy On Mercer
Jason Rantz says SDOT's unequal treatments of cars will end up severely hurting Seattle
Ultimate Hypocrisy
Pot is legal, but online poker is still a felony; one Washington man is working to change that
Best Dressed
10 of the best dressed Seattle Seahawks show off their stuff

Russell Wilson: 'There's no division' in the locker room

Russell Wilson held his weekly press conference Thursday, amid some national reports of unrest in Seattle's locker room.

Why Dori Monson thinks 'our schools have gone insane'

The Auburn School District is permitting a boy at Gildo Rey Elementary to bring a dagger to school for religious reasons.

Discovery of shells halts digging of Bertha access pit

WSDOT halted digging for the pit to the SR99 tunnel machine after archaeologists found shell deposits Thursday afternoon.