Shared Experience

Frontier Communications takes Tulalip Summer Concert Series beyond the music

Frontier Communications is one of the two largest incumbent phone companies in Washington State. In the four years since Frontier purchased the Washington territory from Verizon, the company has initiated an intense transition from a telecom provider to a cutting edge broadband and solutions provider.

SPONSORED -- It wasn't too long ago that going to a concert was all about the music and sharing the experience with a live audience…while waving lighters in the air. Fast forward a few years and those lighters have been replaced by cell phones. People aren't just sharing their experience with other concertgoers; they're sharing with everyone in their social network via mobile devices and a robust Wi-Fi network.

Concert venues such as the Tulalip Amphitheater have taken note of this paradigm shift. In an effort to enhance the concertgoer's experience, the Tulalip Resort and Casino partnered with Frontier Communications to install a temporary FREE Wi-Fi hotspot for their summer concert series.

"Tulalip asked us to build a robust Wi-Fi network so the audience could share pictures, videos and personal experiences with friends and family," said Ken Baldwin, General Manager, Frontier Communications.

Public Wi-Fi is something that consumers have come to expect at concerts, sporting events, coffee shops and even doctor's offices. As a local broadband provider, Frontier Communications has been very busy building Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas such as the Taste of Edmonds, Tulalip Summer Concert Series, and Kirkland Summerfest.

They are also building Wi-Fi for small businesses such as auto service shops, restaurants and dentist waiting rooms. "If you go into a business where you find yourself waiting, free public Wi-Fi is a MUST," said Baldwin. "The waiting can be less of an inconvenience…if you have Wi-Fi access. Wi-Fi is now what TV was to a waiting room years ago. It's that important."

"When talking with business customers, we now encourage them to adopt a Wi-Fi plan to enhance their services and better meet customer expectations," Baldwin said. "Give us a call and ask us about Wi-Fi or about our full suite of Frontier Business Edge products and services."