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Seattle police reach out to ‘tent mansion’ folks

Tent mansion near the Seattle Center. (Jason Rantz)

Correction: Seattle police are conducting outreach Thursday at the ‘tent mansion’ near the Seattle Center, complete with a keg, according to KIRO 7.

The inhabitants were reportedly being told by Seattle police to vacate the sidewalk to make way for new construction — new apartments and restaurants. But police clarified that they were conducting outreach.

This “tent mansion” has been up since early April, when KIRO TV’s Gary Horcher discovered the inhabitants refused help from the city, choosing instead to live on the street, than follow the rules of a shelter.

“We don’t want to change our lifestyle to fit their requirements,” Melissa Burns told Horcher. “We intend to stay here. This is the solution to the homeless problem. We want autonomy, right here.”

The report says she moved here from outside of Washington state.

A keg was spotted on the “porch” a few days ago.

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