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Lakewood Park & Ride leaves drivers confused

(KIRO 7)

A KIRO 7 crew at the now-closed SR 512 Park & Ride in Lakewood saw car after car turning around early Monday morning.

While many of the daily commuters got the message about the four-month closure and alternates, some were late to work because of it.

“I’m already going to be late to work which is not so cool with my employer,” Staci Soltoff told KIRO 7. “But what can you do?”

During the construction, people have two other locations to park and catch their bus — Tacoma Discount World and the Barnes & Noble at Town Center, depending on which bus they take.

Some commuters told KIRO 7 they got the message ahead of time with fliers placed on their vehicles. And Sound Transit and Pierce Transit had employees at the Park & Ride over past few weeks letting people know.

On Monday, a police officer was stationed at the now-closed Park & Ride turning away people who he said tried to drive around the construction barriers.

Some people who don’t use it every day didn’t realize the changes, like Mary Edwin who came to pick up Christopher Wangui, who takes the 605 bus from Olympia. He had to walk a quarter of a mile from the new pickup spot at Tacoma Discount World to meet her near the closed lot.

“So, you’ll be going to pick it up there?” Wangui asked KIRO 7 Morning Anchor John Knicely who explained the changes to him.

At the now-closed park and ride KIRO 7 spotted at least a half-dozen vehicles that had been left there before the closure Monday. An officer told KIRO 7 they might be towed away Tuesday.

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