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Dori: Detaining illegal immigrants just enforcing laws on the books

A group of people are detained by Border Patrol agents on horseback after crossing the border illegally from Tijuana, Mexico, near where prototypes for a border wall, right, were being constructed in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File)

The shamelessness exploitation by Jay Inslee and Dow Constantine and Bob Ferguson over the weekend was just unbelievable.

They went to a federal detention center where illegals are being held. I didn’t see one media outlet in town give you the truth of what is going on at these detention centers. I will.

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The word is that these illegals trying to sneak into the country claim, once they’re caught, that they have kids and are seeking asylum. The fact is, we now enforce that law. It’s not new — it’s a law that has been on the books for 20 years. And by the way, it was during the Clinton administration and a very liberal Ninth Circuit Court judge who said you can’t let kids stay with their parents in a federal detention center. We don’t do that for any other crime. If you rob a 7-11, you don’t get to have your kids in jail with you. There is no crime where we jail someone and put their children in with them; there is no such thing as “family jail.”

The fact is, the Obama administration did not enforce this law and detain illegals with kids. The Trump administration has simply said it will enforce the law. What a radical concept, the United States of America enforcing its own law. But what Inslee and Constantine and Ferguson are ignoring, is that when the Democrats had control of the White House, they did not repeal the law.

Bob Ferguson said that he doesn’t know how U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sleeps at night, but I don’t know how you sleep at night, Bob. It’s clear that you want us to ignore the law, and what’s more, there is an easy fix for these families that you’re ignoring because you’re so desperate to politicize these illegals.

Here’s the fact of the matter — if these parents and their children want to go back to their home country, they can right now. You swiftly can go through the process and be reunited with your kids and sent back home. But Inslee and Ferguson don’t want that because they want the illegals to stay in this country. If they put family reunification ahead of politics, they could reunite the families almost immediately. But politics are more important than families to these two. Ferguson wants to use the law as a political weapon in his climb to the governor’s mansion, and Inslee is doing the same in his climb to the White House.

You can claim asylum in any country where you feel safe. You can go to any port of entry and claim asylum and see if that works. But we have to enforce our borders. All the stuff that Inslee and Fergie are railing about is simply the federal government enforcing a federal law that was established under Clinton. Right now, we’ve got a bunch of politicians who are very selective about which laws we want to enforce, and which ones we want to ignore.

The people responsible for breaking up these families are the parents — pure and simple.

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