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Shower thoughts: Naming hurricanes, North Korea, and the Fremont Solstice Parade

Time for some Wednesday Shower Thoughts — things I think about between shampoo and conditioner.

Hurricanes and beer

Really? The newly formed hurricane pounding the Mexican coast with rain is named Bud? Hurricane Bud? As in, “hey Bud!” Or “grab yourself a Bud.” I propose that hurricanes should not be named after a beer.

Bathrooms and the homeless

I’m not making this up. Within minutes of arriving home last night, while I was cooking dinner, what appeared to be a homeless man carrying a bright and shiny Amazon delivery box (insert your own conclusion here) attempted to use the Porta Potty by my carport. I remind you that said Porta Potty was placed there for construction workers. He actually waved at me through the window, then discovered the construction crew had put a lock on the door.

Score one for the Porta Potty Police!


I was clicking around today. It’s a website where you can support online creators who make podcasts or YouTube videos. Kind of like an automated tip jar. The top grossing channel on the site makes $98,255 a month. Not per year, per month. That is all.


I heard an interesting point on a podcast I listen to. Why is the NHL the only league that gives the championship trophy directly to the players when they win? It’s awesome to see them skate the ice hoisting the Cup. Meanwhile, in the other leagues, you get a stodgy canned speech when the commissioner gives the trophy to the owner. Every league should immediately adopt the NHL model, it’s pure joy.

Fremont Solstice Parade

If you’re one of the newbies to move to the Pacific Northwest, you owe it to yourself to check out the Fremont Solstice Parade this weekend. Grab your freak flag, open your mind, and see why it might just be the center of the universe. Oh, and if you’re delicate world view is easily offended, skip this one.

North Korea talks

When you read or hear things about the talks that just happened with North Korea, keep in the back of your mind that the Kim regime has been among the most brutal dictators in modern times. Kim had his uncle executed for an offensive posture in a meeting. He starved his own people for power and control, and can arrest anyone and put them in a work camp without a trial. Why the president wants to be besties with Kim and throw Canada under the bus is beyond me.

Benicio Bryant

And finally, shout out to 13 year old Benicio Bryant from Tahoma High School who got the chance to sing with alum Brandi Carlile at a benefit show. He crushed it.

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