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Dennis Hof
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Pimp to politician – Dennis Hof says the two jobs are similar

Dennis Hof, second from right, celebrates after winning the primary election in Pahrump, Nev. Hof, the owner of half a dozen legal brothels in Nevada and star of the HBO adult reality series "Cathouse," won a Republican primary for the state Legislature on Tuesday, ousting a three-term lawmaker.(David Montero /Los Angeles Times via AP)

In an era where years of political experience are no longer a necessity for winning an election, a State Assembly candidate in Nevada is bringing a new background to the November general election — that of a legal pimp with Dennis Hof.

Dennis Hof (R-Amargosa Valley) has made a national reputation as the owner of seven brothels in Nevada, in counties where prostitution is legal. His brothel The Moonlite Ranch is the subject of HBO’s series “Cathouse.”

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But this week, Hof made a name for himself in the political sphere when he won the Republican primary for 36th State Assembly District.

Hof, who is the author of “The Art of the Pimp,” joked to KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson that there’s little difference between the prostitution industry and the political world.

“It’s the same business — you take money to provide a service or get a vote,” he said. “And I’m not gonna do that, and that’s why the public likes me — because they can’t buy me.”


Dennis Hof politician

Dennis Hof first came upon the idea of running for office while complaining to Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson over dinner one night in New York City about the Nevada Republicans who voted for state tax increases.

“He said, ‘Dennis, don’t complain unless you want to do something about it,'” Hof recalled. “And I did something about it.”

If elected to the State Assembly, Hof is passionate about standing as a Republican who refuses to increase taxes. He especially wants to repeal the state’s commerce tax.

Hof also would like to work toward water conservation through a water bank system, and he supports a campus carry law.

In November, Hof will run against educator Lesia Romanov (D-Las Vegas). He said, however, that as the district tends to lean right, he is not concerned about the race.

“I signed on for the job and I’m going to be the best at it,” he said.

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