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Redmond detectives kill suspect at busy Kirkland gas station

Redmond police officers shot and killed a man at a busy Kirkland Safeway gas station Thursday evening.

According to Kirkland police, who are investigating the shooting, the gas station along 124th Ave. NE is typically very busy at 5 p.m., around the same time the shooting occurred.

There were several witnesses to the shooting.

One witness told KIRO 7 he was nearby when police began shooting.

“I’m thinking … the gas station’s going to blow up… I’m rolling up my window thinking the gas station’s going to blow up, people are filling up (and) there are stray bullets and sparks.”

KIRO 7’s Michelle Millman was near the scene at the time of the incident. Witnesses told her a man was sitting in a truck when officers told him to put his hands up. Video from KIRO 7 showed officers gathered around a red pickup truck with bullet holes in the windshield. About 10 gunshots were heard.

It is unclear why Redmond detectives were in Kirkland dealing with a suspect, but Lt. Robert Saloum said it’s not uncommon.

“In any situation like this, we want to find out what occurred and make sure everybody did what they were supposed to do.”

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