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Five questions for Bill Bryant about Washington politics

Bill Bryant joined the Todd Herman Show to discuss republican prospects in Washington's current political climate.

Republican Bill Bryant joined the Todd Herman Show to discuss the changes he’s seen in Washington’s political climate after losing the gubernatorial election to incumbent Jay Inslee. He views opportunities for conservatism to thrive in areas previously unimaginable, and is working to help make them possible.

Five questions for Bill Bryant

Do you observe people waking up to the Seattle City Council?

I think people are starting to wake up. You see that with the city council and the push back on the head tax. The city council doesn’t get it. They just continue to say this was big business killing the head tax. This did not die because of big business. I went to buy groceries one day and there were people in front of the store gathering signatures, and other people were standing there waiting for the people to sign, so they could sign. This was grassroots. That shows me that people are beginning to push back.

How does the Republican Party not see Dan Satterberg as an opportunity to put someone in that Republicans actually like?

Well, the party doesn’t generally doesn’t do a whole lot of candidate recruitment. I’ve started my own PAC to help people get elected at the city and country level and to recruit good people to run. The PAC is called Forge Washington. You can make donations or if you’re interested in running for a city or county spot, you can let us know.

Is it possible to run as Conservative in this state or do you have to be a wishy-washy Republican?

Everybody’s idea of being Conservative and wishy-washy is different. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find somebody who’s more conservative on a fiscal basis than I am. And on social issues I’m pretty Libertarian. I’ve got my own views, but I don’t want government telling me how to live my life. Does that make me wishy-washy? I don’t think so.

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Who’s the best candidate to remove Councilmember Lisa Herbold in 2019?

When I set up the PAC, I didn’t think we would focus on Seattle at all, because I didn’t want to waist donors’ money. I’m going to spend it in Snohomish and Pierce and Yakima and Spokane, and places where we can make a difference. But given the push back that we’re seeing, I think you might see some changes in the city council come 2019. You’ve got opportunities in Ballard, and Herbold in West Seattle. So there might be some opportunities that a year ago I wouldn’t have thought existed.

You had some problems with Trump during the campaign. What are two or three things you think the president has done well?

Well, I think you’ve got some supreme court appointments that have worked out very well, and Justice Gorsuch. I think there’s an attention to regulatory reform. I talked about how I wanted to take a pressure hose to Olympia and go through every regulation, and that’s being done, and you can see the economy responding to that. But I have real concerns over the president’s trade policy.

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