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Introducing the WSECU & KIRO Radio Hometown Hero: Angie Barreto

SPONSORED — It’s no secret the issue of homelessness in Washington state is making the front page of every local news organization on a daily basis. City governments, nonprofit organizations and community groups are all honing in on the issue in an effort to bring resolve, and in an effort to restore families and save lives.

In the midst of this, there are individuals making a difference for the need in our community on a daily basis. They may not make the front page of the city’s newspaper, but they are living with the satisfaction of knowing they have done something, anything to help.

One such person is Angie Barreto of Fife.

Having been homeless as a teenager, Barreto knows how impactful it can be when a community and its individuals partner together, bridging resources and connecting homeless families to basic items – simple, everyday things we might not think about, but others desperately need. A first grade teacher, she uses her break time and after-school hours to coordinate donations, organize outreach efforts, and connect people to opportunities to support the most vulnerable in their community.

When asked what inspires her to give back, Barreto says she was “led to do this after a child in my classroom came to me and said they were sleeping in the car. Immediately I was reminded how it was when I was homeless and slept in a car. I wanted to bring awareness and advocacy, as well as show people how loving and supportive our beautiful community is.”

From assembling homeless outreach bags for first responders to use while on calls and personal care kits for women in need, Barreto is in a constant state of movement, both during the work week and on weekends at home. She sets up snack and personal care supply pantries at schools, personally delivering them at night and on weekends to local motels. Her colleagues and family members have become a big part of her efforts.

KIRO Radio and WSECU are proud to honor Angie Barreto as a Hometown Hero and award her with $2,000 for her tireless efforts in supporting those in need in Pierce County. As a not-for-profit credit union, WSECU invests their profits into creating a better community, and last year 90% of their employees volunteered their own time in communities across Washington state. If you know someone who invests in their community, nominate them to be our next Hometown Hero at

“I never planned for this to happen, it was just something in my heart and a call to action,” Barreto says, “May we all uplift others and provide them with the support and love to grow and be stronger so that kindness can be shared.”

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