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17 things you will definitely see at Bumbershoot

Labor Day weekend is upon us, which means the return of Bumbershoot to the Seattle Center. From bands you've never heard of, to Canadians, comedians and hippies - these are the people and things you will definitely see at the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival.

17. Hippies

Photo by Kleven

In the long tradition of flowing dance moves, these oft-long-haired festival-goers appear to enjoy the festival more than anyone else around them.

16. Lots and LOTS of people

Photo by Kleven

Bumbershoot is crowded and while there are lots of places to go in your quest for entertainment, be prepared to let people into your bubble. Whether it's watching music, comedy, or touring a make-shift art gallery, 100,000 people are expected at the Seattle Center this weekend.

15. Seahawks fans

Photo by Kleven

It's not hard to spot a 12th Man in Seattle and there's no doubt many will be sporting their Super Bowl duds or Richard Sherman jerseys as they represent at Bumbershoot. If you're really lucky you might even spot someone wearing the coveted Russell Wilson No.3 Texas Rangers jersey.

14. Free hugs

Photo by Kleven

Just because someone offers you a free hug doesn't mean you have to take a free hug.

13. Call it a "fashion trend"

Photo by AP Photo/File

Be prepared to see the accumulation of the music festival summer trends on display at Bumbershoot. Even if the forecast doesn't call for a scorcher, there will probably be women wearing bras as shirts and men with the latest sneaker styles.

12. What's that smell? Someone's smoking pot

Photo by Kleven

Sure, you're not supposed be smoking in public, and definitely not supposed to smoke around kids, but it's inevitable that at a music festival someone will light up. Just watch for a puff of smoke to suddenly rise from the middle of a packed crowd in front of a stage at the Fountain Lawn or Fisher Pavilion.

11. Cops

Photo by Kleven

Seattle Police will be out on patrol all around the Seattle Center, making sure the ne'er-do-wells aren't there to ruin your good time. But giving someone a pot citation will still be their lowest priority.

10. Fair food & food trucks

Photo by Kleven

Blackened salmon? Check. Giant curly fries? Check. Smoked meat? Check. Whether you're in the mood for something fair-like, or are hoping for your favorite food truck, there will be plenty to fill up on.

9. Hipsters, or people cooler than you

Photo by Kleven

They come in many shapes, sizes and styles, but you can recognize them because they dress cooler than you or I, while simultaneously appearing not to care about their coolness. (But they actually really care.)

8. Art in all shapes and sizes

Photo by Kleven

It's one of the things that makes Bumbershoot stand out from other festivals: the art. Visit a gallery and see an installation or pick up some screen-printed art of your own, like the stuff at Flatstock (above.)

7. Your boss, after a beer or two

Photo by Kleven

You're having a good time in the beer garden with your bros, when the person you least want to see shows up. While that person could be a family member or acquaintance, in this instance, it's your boss. Seattle's a big city, but it's also a lot like a small town where you see the same faces over and over again. To make it worse, you've had a few beers. So just say hi. Unless you called in sick to work - then you're screwed.

6. Kids

Photo by Kleven

Kids will be there, with their families, playing and having fun. Please try not to swear in front of them - or smoke pot near them. Find out more about Youngershoot.

5. People in costume

Photo by Kleven

Peter Pan was wearing roller skates when he took this photo and he's not the only person in costume during Bumbershoot. Also plan on seeing at least one superhero, a robot who will sign you up to vote, and possibly someone wearing all orange.

4. Canadians

Photo by Current Swell via Facebook

Our brethren to the north often follow their fellow Canadians to festivals like Bumbershoot. Expect to see a few Maple Leafs when Canadian-based artists like Current Swell (above) and Mac DeMarco show up on stage.

3. Comedians

Photo by AP Photo/Katy Winn

Doug Benson is one of the many comedians making an appearance at Bumbershoot. Here's the complete comedy lineup. Don't leave in the middle of one of their sets to catch a band, comedians generally think that's rude.

2. Bands you've never heard of

Photo by Kleven

Sure you haven't heard of many of the bands, but plenty of Bumbershoot's hippest festival-goers have been rapt in Spin, Rolling Stone, and follow the local music scene in order to know what's good and worth watching. Follow the crowds - and see the complete lineup here.

1. Bands you HAVE heard of

Photo by AP/File

Just because you haven't heard of every band doesn't mean you haven't heard of any band playing this year. Among the headliners are some names you should recognize: Elvis Costello (above,) Wu Tang Clan, and The Replacements.

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