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Dori: Is it goodbye to Sally ‘Dime’ Bagshaw?

Councilmember Sally Bagshaw leads a council committee meeting June 13, 2018 where she said she has witnessed SeaTac and Tukwila driving homeless people and dropping them of at downtown shelters. (Seattle Channel)

Right on the heels of the news yesterday that Kshama Sawant may leave the Seattle City Council, we’re now finding out that Sally “Dime” Bagshaw might too be stepping aside from the Seattle City Council.

We discovered months ago that she was working feverishly behind the scenes to keep an alleged child rapist in office. That alone makes Sally Bagshaw, in my view, a reprehensible public official. Keeping an almost-certain child rapist in office is a despicable thing to do.

But of course it just went downhill from there. A few weeks ago, Sally Bagshaw suggested that maybe we should look into having taxpayers buy heroin for drug addicts at the safe injection sites. Then after I called her out on this on my show, she backtracked and denied it on her blog. But the proof is in the council video.

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Now, KIRO Radio Reporter Mike Lewis broke the story that Bagshaw might not seek re-election next year. This is a sign that there could be a complete house-cleaning of the Seattle City Council.

Seven of the nine council members are up for re-election in 2019. This could get rid of people like the proven demonstrable liar Rob Johnson. Or Mike O’Brien, who is not very popular with business owners in his own district. I don’t think Mike O’Brien — despite his impeccable Lakeside and Duke education credentials — has any support to return to the Seattle City Council. We heard yesterday that Kshama Sawant may move up to some kind of socialist position on the national scale. And now our own heroin girl, Sally “Dime” Bagshaw, may retire.

Now our only other question is, who is going to replace all of them? Are they going to find people even wackier? In the mayor’s race, it was between Durkan and that crazy Moon character. Everyone said Moon was way too crazy to elect. But Durkan has emerged as an absolutely ridiculous leader, flipping on the Seattle Police chief search and on the head tax, so there’s no telling what this city will do.

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