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Summer Adventure Series
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What stunt should be next on Dori’s Summer Adventure Series list?

Dori went skydiving on-air in 2014 as part of his Summer Adventure Series. (MyNorthwest)

Dori wants to bring back the Summer Adventure Series that saw him skydive, bungee jump, and zip line — and for the first of the new installments, he wants to see Ursula go bungee jumping.

“It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done,” Dori said of his bungee jumping sojourn in Nanaimo, British Columbia. “My voice — it was quivering like a bunny rabbit.”

Dori did the jump on-air, so that listeners could hear his yells during the death-defying drop.

“There is nothing exaggerated or manufactured — you can hear the pure terror in my voice,” Dori said, listening to the clip from his bungee jump.

Ursula said that she would consider bungee jumping if Dori went first.

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“I’m gonna think about it,” Ursula promised. “We’ll negotiate.”

To egg her on, Dori brought up his recent monologue on highs and lows in life, and how important it is to not play it safe.

“Soaring heights and crushing defeats — both remind you that you are alive. I hate the idea of going through life on a flat line … I see so many people where every day is the same for them,” Dori said. “And that’s so sad to me. I feel so sorry for them.”

Dori is soliciting help from his listeners in deciding what to do for the first stunt of the new Summer Adventure Series, though he warned that he would not do anything truly dangerous, such as hang gliding or mountain climbing.

One listener suggested that he walk through a Seattle park barefoot.

“I said I will not do truly dangerous things,” Dori laughed.

Another listener suggested that Dori ride with the Blue Angels — just one week after Dori revealed that the Blue Angels rejected his request for a media ride-along during Seafair.

“You know what? That’s cold,” Dori said. “I’m sitting here, I’m all fired up, and someone has to stick a dagger in me like that.”

How should Dori kick off the new edition of the Summer Adventure Series? Text your suggestions of relatively safe stunts to 98973 or leave a comment here.

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