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Seattle police make 12 arrests; seize guns, drugs, cash at Belltown nightclub

A Belltown nightclub allegedly supported in-house drug dealers, an undercover Seattle police investigation has discovered. The case led to 12 arrests Wednesday, and more could be coming.

“It was an ongoing thing we had been keeping an eye on, but once we were finally able to work our way in there we were able to serve a warrant on Wednesday,” said Detective Patrick Michaud.

“When we have people selling GHB out there, commonly known as a date rape drug, we want to make sure we get that off the streets as quick as possible,” he said. “That is not just somebody who is using drugs for themselves, they are using it against other people to assault them.”

But it wasn’t just GHB that Seattle police uncovered in the course of its investigation. Police have seized meth, MDMA, cocaine, and a range of prescription drugs. Also, guns and cash. Michaud said police have arrested security personnel, drug dealers, and a club manager so far. Following the 12 arrests Wednesday, Foundation’s liquor license has been suspended by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

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“We started investigating Foundation night club around March of 2018, after we started getting reports of drug trafficking inside the club as well as ongoing concerns citywide about overdoses and sexual assaults associated with drugs like GHB,” Michaud said. “Our undercover officers were able to work their way in there and we purchased cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA, GHB all inside or near the club, and they were purchased from employees like security. Or they were facilitated by employees or managers of Foundation who introduced our officers to the dealers.”

“We learned they had several in-house dealers who were allowed to go past security and sell inside the venue as well,” he said. “And the management was aware of all the drug dealing. One dealer even bragged about knowing the owner and explained to the officer how to use GHB to dose women depending on their weight.”

Investigators are still looking for additional suspects in the case.

“With these quantities of drugs, it’s not coming from one specific person, most likely,” Michaud said. “So we’re going to track down those additional people and arrest them and get charges filed against them. This is just one example of how our officers are starting to crack down on big cases like this where we have lots and lots of drugs, money, and guns coming through one specific area and causing a lot of damage.”

Police served warrants at multiple locations Wednesday, taking into custody:

  • 829 grams of cocaine
  • More than 1,000 grams of MDMA
  • 400 ecstasy pills
  • 800 Xanax pills
  • 190 grams of ketamine
  • 13 grams of DMT
  • 176 grams of GHB
  • 1,200 capsules of a drug called “Molly”
  • Two handguns
  • More than $60,000 in cash
  • Various other prescription drugs
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