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Shower thoughts: Pearl Jam, toxic trolls, and the Space Force

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With all these Pearl Jam concerts and the start of the NFL Preseason, I forgot to do Shower Thoughts this week. Let’s jump into the random things that bounce around my noggin in the shower.

Sleeping is hard when it’s so hot out

When it’s over 85 degrees, my sleep schedule goes something like this: Turn on the ceiling fan and try to fall asleep. Roll around for a few hours and finally doze off in time for a police siren or drunk person walking by my open window wakes me up at about 1 a.m. Then it seems like a good idea to go out to the couch that is close to the window air conditioning unit. Only problem, it’s really loud, but I try it anyway. Round about 4 a.m., I drag myself back to bed and attempt to fall back asleep for a few hours before fighting the snooze button for about an hour. Good times.

Seahawks pre-season game

I watched the first half of the Seahawks preseason game last night, but I have to admit my enthusiasm was down a notch. I kept waiting for two helmets to crash into each other and a flag to be thrown. CTE has changed the way I watch the game. But it was cool to see Andrew Luck out there throwing the ball. He missed all of last season with an injury. Has there ever been a more disciplined rehab in NFL history? I think not. I’m pulling for him to crush it this year.

Trolls and toxic content

It’s been extremely interesting for me to watch big tech companies finally start to be judge and jury on specific content. Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was removed by just about every major platform this week. I use to believe that big platforms were not responsible for the way people used their product. How could they be with hundreds of millions of users? With the rise of bots and trolls, I’m evolving my thinking. I think there’s no such thing as an agnostic platform anymore. It seems everything can be gamed. So I applaud Apple, YouTube, and Facebook for finally putting their foot down.

How’s about you Twitter? Time to do the right thing.

Space Force

I don’t know if I’m smart enough to know if the United States really needs a Space Force. Seems to me like we’ve been doing just fine without one. I do think it’s amusing that there’s already an online vote as to what the logo should be before we even know what Space Force is and how much it’s going to cost. Space Force!

Pearl Jam

Finally, in honor of Seattle concerts, here’s one of my top five Pearl Jam songs — “Given To Fly.”

You can hear “What are we talking about here?” everyday at 4:45 p.m. on 97.3 FM.

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