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65-year-old camps out overnight to take front of line for Seattle's first legal pot shop

Deb Green talks with Ron and Don while waiting overnight for Cannabis City to become the first legal marijuana shop to open in Seattle. (Libby Denkman/KIRO Radio)

Deb Green wanted to make sure she would be among the first customers when Seattle's first legal recreational pot shop opened Tuesday afternoon. But she never expected to be first in line at Cannabis City Monday afternoon.

Green spoke with KIRO Radio's Ron and Don Show from the comfort of a lawn chair as she settled in for a long night ahead in front of the SoDo storefront on 4th Avenue South and Lander Street.

The 65-year-old says she wanted to be a part of history and to celebrate the freedom of legalized pot.

"I signed the petition, I voted for it, I'm elated."

Green is hardly the prototypical stoner you'd expect at the front of the line. While the owners have said they will limit each customer Tuesday to two grams because of limited initial supply, Green says she doesn't even smoke enough to know what that looks like.

"Whatever I get, it will last me a long time. I'm just not a big smoker, guys. I'm here for the history of it."

So what makes pot so appealing to Green?

"For the most part I just like the little bit of buzz to it. I don't have to get drunk and throw up and make sacrifices to the porcelain god. I can have a little toke and be happy and there's something to be said about that."

Green was joined in line by more seasoned cannabis enthusiasts including a retired postman, who's taken to offering her advice on the dozens of strains or varieties available. Green says it's all far outside her limited experience. But after a long night waiting for Cannabis City to open its doors, she just might be an expert by then.

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