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What does "hooking up" really mean?

Is this "hooking up?" What does hooking up actually mean? (AP Photo)

TIME Magazine recently took a look at what "hooking up" actually means, and it turns out there is not just confusion among college students, who use the term constantly, but 97.3 KIRO FM Ron & Don Show staff can't seem to get it straight either.

A study cited by GOOD indicates "hooking up" could cover "kissing, intercourse, and all the bases in between."

"Pretty much the only certain aspect of a hookup is that sexual activity of some sort takes place," says TIME.

97.3 KIRO FM's Rachel Belle said an unscientific survey she once saw found people generally understand hooking up to mean having sex.

"One time I was at a bar here in Seattle, and I said, 'To me, hooking up means making out.' And the person I was with said, 'No, no, no, it means having sex.' He literally took a piece of paper, put a line down the middle, on one side it said 'sex,' on one side it said, 'making out,' and he asked the entire bar what they thought. Most people said that "hooking up" means sex."

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Don illustrated how the terminology can be confusing.

"Sean and I hooked up today," said Don. "He hooked me up on a scone."

Sean quickly corrected Don saying, "No, we didn't hook up, Don. I hooked you up."

Ron tried to clarify, for Don, the difference between hooking up and getting hooked up.

"Hooking you up with a scone is different than you hooking up on a scone," said Ron. "There's a difference between hooking up, and hooking you up."

But you can see where there could be some confusion about all of this.

What do you think "hooking up" means?


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