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Girl named Marijuana Pepsi? Yes.

KIRO Radio

You've heard of a boy named Sue? Well, how about a girl named Marijuana Pepsi?

Once believed to be an urban legend, the girl named Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer showed up on KIRO's Dori Monson Show today.

"They heard my name, they looked to the left, they looked to the right, to make sure no one could hear them, 'Are you kidding, it's Marijuana? I can't call you that," Sawyer says of curious reactions that often meet her at introductions.

Sawyer is now a substitute middle-school teacher in Wisconsin. She admits her parents were wild and crazy people in the 70's. "They said they were smoking and thirsty and found out that if you mix them together, you know?"

Sawyer says she's since grown fond of her name but that the unusual moniker made things difficult in her teen years. "You're the tallest person there, you don't look like the other students, and to end it all your name is Marijuana Pepsi. My life in middle school was absolutely miserable."

As for embracing her namesakes, Sawyer says she's never smoked marijuana but does admit to indulging in Pepsi on occasion.

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