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Craigslist, odd jobs help make ends meet

KIRO Radio

Desperate to find employment, some local residents are getting creative; posting on Craigslist with offers to do almost anything.

For months, Kathryn Bruce has been looking for a full time job, but after getting no response she decided to post in the services category on Craigslist.

Bruce says she offers her time to do laundry, filing, babysitting, or whatever. And she's been finding a lot of work, "For the most part (work has come from) people who are really, crazy busy and have the money, but not the time."

Bruce says she's mostly had positive responses, but she warns that because she's posting on Craigslist, there are always a few vulgar offers, "I did get an offer from, a gentleman, for $1,000 to spend some time with him" she said, "You just have to be careful, and thankfully I've been able to pick and choose."

Bruce's husband says he's glad she can now help with the bills and she says it's been a positive experience overall.

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