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Seismologists to monitor Seahawks game for repeat of Beast quake

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It's been three years since the 12th Man triggered earthquake readings as Marshawn Lynch rumbled for 67 yards in a playoff game against the Saints at CenturyLink Field.

With the Saints returning to town Saturday, scientists are hoping for a repeat. And they're putting extra equipment around the stadium to measure it.

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network has installed two seismometers in CenturyLink Field for the game, one on the field and one in the stands.

"We hope to learn a little bit more about how the seismic waves travel through the area, and in this case seismic waves generated by the 12th Man," says Bill Steele with the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network.

Steele admits it's as much for fun as it is science. And as fans, he hopes they get plenty of data.

"Here we have an earthquake we know is going to happen beforehand so we can set up some instrumentation and record it from within the earthquake itself essentially, and then compare that to instruments nearby."

Along with the seismometers in the stadium, a third one south of CenturyLink Field will also be used to monitor Saturday's activity.

Fans can monitor the seismic activity at the PNSN website as the game progresses.

"We're pretty excited about it and can't wait for Saturday's game," Steele says.

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