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Sheriff's deputies find dozens of stolen guns

Whatcom County Sheriff's deputies discovered dozens of stolen guns during a recent domestic violence investigation. (Whatcom County Sheriff's Office)
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The Whatcom County Sheriff's Office is trying to figure out where dozens of stolen guns came from after stumbling into them during a recent investigation.

Deputies discovered the guns Feb. 19 after they were called to a domestic violence call in Bellingham. During the investigation they found a large "job box" normally used for storing tools. Instead, it was filled with close to 50 firearms, said Undersheriff Jeff Parks.

Based on information gathered at the scene, investigators believe the guns were stolen and now they are seeking information about the owner or origin of the guns.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff's Office at 360-676-6650. You can also leave information on the confidential tip line at (360) 715-7459 or toll free 1-866-456-2157.

One man was arrested during the investigation on suspicion of harassment and felony threats, Parks said.


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