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11 people injured in multiple car collision on 520

SR 520 was closed by a collision involving a bus and three cars. The roadway reopened about 2:45 p.m. (Tim Haeck/KIRO Radio)
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A crash involving a charter bus and three cars on eastbound SR 520 just west of the Montlake Blvd. exit blocked the roadway and sent 11 people to the hospital.

"It all happened out of nowhere. I was just on my way to class at the UW," said Stefon Danilov, whose car was hit. "I don't know what to make of it."

He said the charter bus rear-ended one of the cars, which caused a chain reaction. The Washington State Patrol has confirmed the cause of the accident.

Medics responded to the crash that blocked both eastbound lanes, backing up traffic northbound on I-5 from downtown Seattle. The Montlake exit was also closed.

The bus was cleared and the roadway reopened at about 2:45 p.m.

The Seattle Fire Department reports the victims were transported to Harborview Medical Centers for observation and treatment. Nine were on the bus, two others were driving cars involved in the crash. None had life-threatening injuries.

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