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Evening Magazine host Meeghan Black likes new gig


Back in December King 5 announced that local news personality Meeghan Black would be taking over as the new host of Evening Magazine. After a few months on the job Black says she's having a blast in her new role. "We have so much fun. We go out every night, find cool locations, meet great people, and we get to discover things about western Washington and the Northwest."

Black appeared on KIRO radio's Ron & Don Show Monday and shared with the guys a few highlights of her experience so far taping the show. "I would have to say the place I had the most fun recently was at the Reptile Museum, because I was hanging out with a bunch of reptiles. I played with them, one gave me a kiss. A little lizard gave me a kiss."

The crew headed to the Reptile Museum to profile a local man dubbed "The Reptile Man." Black explained the story was inspired by the discovery of this local man's intense interest in reptiles and how he's used it to educate the community. "It's all about the education. This man who is passionate, the Reptile Man, he goes around to schools, and he shows kids, and teaches kids about reptiles."

Black says the depth of story telling and focus on Northwest communities is what makes Evening Magazine stand apart from other news products in the market. "Great story telling is a lost art in television news because it's about running and gunning, and the fires, and the accidents, and we take an interesting character in your community and find out what is special about this person, and spend some time with them. And it is amazing the ideas that people have, and the energy that they have to do things, and create new things."

Even though Black is busy with her new hosting gig, she's still keeping up with some of the other King 5 features she's known for. Black will still be gardening with Ciscoe every weekend, and says she needs to keep the local gardening expert around to help her identify all the plants they've cultivated in her garden. "Our gardening segments that we do, that we air in the newscasts on Saturday and Sunday. We shoot in my yard and in Ciscoe's yard. I have to bring Ciscoe over to tell me what plants we planted in my yard. I can tell you how to prune them. I can't for the life of me remember the names of them. He knows them all."

Her new role hosting Evening Magazine has Black and crew keeping tabs on all the events and happenings coming up in the Northwest. Black's appearance on the Ron & Don Show coincided with a segment Evening Magazine will feature Tuesday on the upcoming Molly Hightower Haiti Benefit Show. Black will be highlighting Ron and Don's participation with the benefit being held at the Crocodile Wednesday February 10th to raise funds for Children of the Orphans.

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