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Blame former Mayor Greg Nickels for Sonics' exit

Sonics fans have been trying to figure out for a few years now who should get the blame for the team leaving for Oklahoma City, and NBA commissioner David Stern has some new candidates.

Former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels and Speaker of the State House Frank Chopp are at the top of Stern's list of who should be catching the heat.

"There was a hostility by the mayor who was interested in doing nothing," said Stern, speaking to reporters after his decision to give Sacramento a year to try and keep its Kings.

Stern said it's "night and day" between the way Sacramento and state legislators in California are fighting to keep the team, and how Seattle and the legislature in Olympia failed to do anything.

"The speaker of the house was hostile to the NBA and its players and was not the least bit interested in moving any legislation," Stern said.

Sacramento and its former NBA point guard Mayor Kevin Johnson (he played for Cleveland and Phoenix) have a year to come up with a plan for a new arena or the team will move after 2012.

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