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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz urges boycott against politicians

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz thinks that he and other U.S. CEOs shouldn't be contributing to politicians until they can learn to get along.

In an email sent Starbucks employees, Schultz said, "I found myself growing more and more frustrated at the lack of cooperation and irresponsibility among elected officials as they have put to partisan agendas before the people's agenda. This is not the leadership we have come to expect, nor deserve."

Later, in an interview with the New York Times, Schultz said that although he has made his share of campaign contributions to members of both parties, he is ready to lead the charge in a campaign to boycott politicians.

Schultz told CBS Radio's Scott Pelley lawmakers on the hill should end their vacations early and head back to Capitol Hill.

"I just feel very strongly that this is a time when we no longer should accept the status quo and the mediocrity that we're getting. We're better than this and our leaders in Washington need to go back to work," Schultz said.

He hopes to get other CEOs to jump on board, hoping a usual source of campaign financing can make an impact on politicians, and hopefully encourage them to seek the public's favor by coming up with bipartisan policies that will improve the economy.

"The life blood of the reelections of every one of our congressional leaders in Washington is about fundraising and I want to cut that off until we see civility, until we have a long term debt ceiling deal that we are proud of that restores confidence in America."

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