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How much money will Amanda Knox make from interviews?

The front pages of British newspapers feature the appeals court decision overturning the conviction of Amanda Knox, London, Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011. Amanda Knox was leaving Italy a free woman Tuesday, the morning after an Italian appeals court dramatically overturned the American student's conviction of sexually assaulting and brutally slaying her British roommate Meredith Kercher. (AP Photo)

News organizations in the U.S. don't "pay" for interviews, but often times there are ways around that ethical rule. Amanda Knox will probably see her share of offers.

"There are always ways to get creative," says President and CEO of Selig Multimedia, Glenn Selig.

Selig told 97.3 KIRO FM's Dori Monson Show that rumors Knox was offered a private jet by one of the news organizations was also likely.

Listen to Glenn Selig, CEO & President of Selig Multimedia

He says it's another form of payment. "I'm sure that at least one of the networks were thinking, 'Oh, we could offer her a nice private jet with a nice ride home. That will sweeten the pot a little bit,' to have her be the first, to get her, to be the first interview."

That wasn't the case; Knox did pay her own way home. And as for where the first interview will come from or how much she could get compensated for it, Selig says it's still a guessing game.

"Really, the reality is how much someone is going to be able to pay, and what type of story she has to tell," Selig says. "How much of the story do we not already know? What does she know that she hasn't already shared with the world? Because that's what's going to make the most riveting TV and the most riveting book."

According to Selig, it's going to be a numbers game for the networks - what kind of ratings and how much advertising could be sold for a primetime special.

"The story has legs, and it's always going to be interesting, but if I were her, this is when the networks and everyone will show the most interest, so it would be in her best interest to strike while the iron is hot."

After all, Donald Trump already told CNN that she could "become a big star and somehow she can get some dividends out of this nightmare for herself." Trump did not say specifically that he planned to help Knox in her "star-making endeavors."

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By Alyssa Kleven, editor

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