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Hope Solo and Apolo Ohno get naked

Amidst the baseball playoffs, the Seahawks getting ready for the Giants, and the Sounders winning a soccer trophy, what are sports fans talking about this week? Two of our big name local stars taking off their clothes for a magazine!

Olympic speed skating champ Apolo Ohno and U.S. soccer goalie Hope Solo are among the group of world-class athletes taking it off – taking it all off – for ESPN the Magazine's "Body Issue".

The nude athletes have certain body parts or objects strategically placed to keep you from seeing those "private" parts.

Solo, a University of Washington alum, is shown naked, watering someone's lawn, and doing sit-ups in the driveway. Why did Solo agree to shed her goalie's jersey and everything else?

"If a sex symbol is now a top female athlete, I think that's pretty amazing, and shows how far our country has come, from the stick thin models you see in most magazines," Solo says in her ESPN promotional video. "Honestly, this is my word of the day. It's pretty 'liberating.' It may never happen again in my life, so I'm honored to do it."

Solo has tried to strike while the "iron is hot", so to speak. Make a buck while everyone knows your name. Solo was a focal point of soccer's World Cup. She's currently a celebrity contestant on ABC's Dancing With The Stars.

Years ago, mothers across America canceled their son's subscription to Sports Illustrated because of the swimsuit edition. Will they do the same with ESPN the Magazine's "Body Issue?"

The moms might want to peek at the pics themselves. You've got basketball star Blake Griffin, baseball star Jose Reyes, IndyCar driver Helio Castroneves, and our local guy Apolo Ohno flexing their muscles.

"For me it's about showcasing my body and movement in its most pure form," Ohno says in the ESPN video. "The body is in its most raw form, nude, but in its most natural form, a skating position."

We once again have the debate; tasteful art, or soft core pornography?

You also have to wonder whether posing in the buff is really worth it for these amazing athletes.

Sure they're making a buck and ESPN is selling more magazines. However, every nude pose though has the possibility of overshadowing what they've done on the playing field or ice rink.

Watch Hope Solo at ESPN body issue shoot:

Apolo Ohno talking about nude shoot:

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