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Seattle artist doing live sewer show: "Life in the Gutter"

If you ever wondered what it's like to work in a sewer, a Seattle artist will share his knowledge about "Life in the Gutter" in several free performances around Seattle.

Stokley Towles learned a lot of survival tricks when he explored the underbelly of Seattle alongside city utility workers.

"Sheli, what she suggests is you tape up your sleeves, because it will keep out the hobo spiders and the cockroaches from climbing up there," said Towles, in an appearance on 97.3 KIRO FM Seattle's Morning News.

Towles says another worker recommended doing some sewer yoga, getting your body warmed up before ducking under pipes and climb around obstacles.

Listen to Artist Stokley Towles - Stormwater: Life in the gutter

97.3 KIRO FM Seattle's Morning News anchor Linda Thomas asked how it smelled down there.

Towles says you kind of get used to it, and workers have developed interesting ways to cope.

"I asked them, so you're down there, you're up to your waste in raw sewage - what do you do?" said Towles. "One of the ways that John said, is you pretend you are working in a candy factory."

"A lot of fudge?" joked KIRO's Tom Tangney.

"You're surrounded by candy, and you're just shoveling it," continued Towles, painting an interesting picture.

Towles will elaborate on his experiences in the sewer in his live show "Stormwater: Life in the Gutter."

Towles' project was commissioned by the Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs through the 1 percent for the arts program.

Find the full list of show times at Performances are free and open to the public.


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