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AG Rob McKenna approves of I-1183

Still undecided about how to cast your ballot in the initiative to privatize liquor stores?

Well, Attorney General Rob McKenna has already come out in favor of I-1183.

The Republican candidate for governor stressed that he's coming out in favor of the liquor privatization initiative as a private citizen. In an interview with KCTS-9, McKenna says we're not the first state to go through this kind of deregulation.

"Did teenage drinking and access to alcohol go up? Did DUI's go up? Did other social problems related to higher alcohol consumption go up? In fact, did alcohol consumption go up? And those studies states that there were no social problem increases of that type," McKenna explained Friday.

McKenna says he likes the added revenues the state would see if I-1183 is passed.

Democrat Jay Inslee, McKenna's opposition, has already opposed the initiative.


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