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Police: 'Pregnant' Occupy protestor tried to lure children

Occupy Seattle protestor Jennifer Fox has publicly levied a serious claim against the Seattle Police Department; that two officers are responsible for the death of her unborn child. But now, as her claim is called into question and new information about the 19-year-old surfaces, she may come out of the ordeal being perceived as much more than a troubled teen desperate for attention.

97.3 KIRO FM has learned that Fox was once suspected of trying to lure two young children away from their mother. In a police report dated August 3, 2011, a mother stated a young woman had approached her daughters at Seattle's Pritchard Beach Park during a swimming lesson. Police sources confirm that woman was Fox.

"(The mother) stated she observed (Fox) approach her children as they made their way from the lake to her car," read the report. "(The mother) stated she could tell that (Fox) was asking the children questions by the way they were acting."

When the mother confronted Fox, Fox stated she was a swimming coach in Bellevue and was offering the children lessons.

"Fox stated she had just returned from Greece where she had won every event she had entered in a swim meet," according to the report. The girls told their mother Fox had asked them to leave with her, and had offered them a ride if they came to Bellevue to swim with her.

Lifeguards at the facility decided to call police, who questioned Fox upon arrival.

"(Fox) stated she had been trained as a swimming coach while on the 'Special Olympics team.' (Fox) stated she had 48 gold medals."

Officers determined Fox "may be suffering from a mental illness or drug addiction," and allowed her to leave, with the condition that she not return to the park. But, the incident adds to the growing suspicion that Fox was not pregnant during the clash with Seattle police last week that she said resulted in a miscarriage.

As 97.3 KIRO FM first reported Tuesday, Fox had told police she was three months pregnant in September when facing arrest, which would make it impossible for her to have been three months pregnant last week, as she claimed.

On Sept. 22, 2011, Seattle police responded to a vacant building located in 1250 Denny Way where a security officer reported six squatters. One of those people, according to police sources, was Fox.

According to the police report, Fox told an officer she was three months pregnant and began crying when arrested.

"(Fox) began holding her stomach and was screaming when she was arrested," read the report. (Fox) was treated at the scene and transported to HMC."

Fox's former foster parents, Mike and Lark Stebbins, told 97.3 KIRO FM's Dori Monson Show Wednesday that she has a history of telling damaging lies.

"Jennifer has a tendency to exaggerate," Lark said. "Jennifer doesn't understand the ramifications of allegations towards people, and that's my concern with this possible lawsuit against the Seattle Police Department."

The night Fox was pepper sprayed, Lark said she got a phone call from her. Fox was at Harborview Medical Center getting her eyes examined because of the spray, but did not mention any of the accusations that would later surface.

"She did not mention having a bike thrown at her," Lark said. "She did not mention that she was pregnant. She did not mention that she was kicked in the stomach."

When confronted about the September police report Tuesday, Fox denied remembering the incident. Then, she changed her story and said that the "police report must have been wrong," because she told police she was one month pregnant at the time.

So far, Fox has declined to provide medical records or further evidence or her miscarriage.

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