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Treadmill desk gives you workout at work

Lots of people complain that they just don't have time for exercise, what with work and a busy family life. But if you have a desk job, the solution might be found at the office.

This is not sit and get fit. A Scottsdale, Arizona company is selling a workplace desk without a chair. Instead, the TrekDesk wraps around a treadmill. Instead of sitting all day, the office worker walks all day on a treadmill while talking on a phone and working on a computer.

Creator Steve Bordley says our bodies are dependent on movement and are, in fact, improved by it.

"Basically, a lot of Americans just don't know the harm that they're doing sitting in a chair," said Bordley, who's sold thousands of his treadmill desks to people looking for a solution to their fitness dilemma.

"So, it's weight loss number one, although according to all the medical evidence out there, even thin people that don't walk enough are less healthy than fat people that do move enough during the day and there's medical evidence that backs all that up," insisted Bordley.

Inactivity is creating health problems today and, according to Bordley, the problems are based more on our sedentary ways than our poor diet. The U.S. Surgeon General recommends that we walk 10,000 steps a day but Bordley said the average person does half that. Meantime, he said, the Amish walk 17,000 steps and their obesity rate is 1 percent.

"You can achieve that 17,000 steps in a day walking at your desk and using your laptop," said Borley.

Cindy Mayhak works in an office in Vancouver, Washington and was looking for a time-saving workout. "[I was] trying to figure out how to fit in a little bit of exercise in my work day so that I have more time to spend with my family at the end of the day and not go home and worry about how I was going to fit in a workout."

She won a TrekDesk in a Facebook contest and has been using it for about two years. She says she feels better and can concentrate better while using the treadmill desk. Bordley says research backs up that claim.

Mayhak walked 600 miles this past year and lost 26 pounds while walking on a treadmill at work.

The desk is sold separately for about $500 and the treadmills cost between $500 and several thousand dollars.

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Tim Haeck is a news reporter with KIRO Radio. While Tim is one of our go-to, no-nonsense reporters, he also has a sensationally dry sense of humor and it will surprise some to learn he is a weekend warrior.

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