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Amanda Knox may make return trip to Italy

Amanda Knox has told her attorneys she still loves Italy and would like to go back to Perugia. (AP Photo/File)

Amanda Knox says she still loves Italy and would like to go back to Perugia.

Knox might get her chance as soon as September when she could be a defense witness for her parents, who are charged with slander of Perugia police.

One of Knox's attorneys tells the Italian wire service, ANSA News Agency, that she would like to return to the country as a tourist but if necessary, she will testify in her parents' trial.

Knox spent four years in prison on charges she killed her British roommate but her conviction was overturned in Oct. 2011. Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison and her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito got 25 years.

Since the acquittal, Knox has been seen around Seattle with guitarist James Terrano. The two reportedly live above a Chinese restaurant in city's International District.

Sollecito is reportedly planning to marry an Italian volleyball player, Annie Achille, according to the ANSA News Agency.

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