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Seattle ranked second most literate city in U.S.

"[Libraries] indicate how strong a city is committed, because tax dollars are associated with it," said Mark McGlaughlin. Despite closing libraries for almost a week last fall, they are a large part of Seattle's literacy ranking. (AP Photo/File)

Seattle is once again a top city for literacy in the United States.

The Emerald City was ranked second behind Washington D.C., not just for people who can read, but people who actually choose to read in their spare time.

Mark McGlaughlin at Central Connecticut State University said the study looked at six categories: Booksellers, Internet, libraries, newspaper and publication circulation and educational attainment to see how people used their literate skills.

The most important factor, according to McGlaughlin, is libraries. Seattle was ranked the fifth in terms of our libraries, including the number of branches and the amount of readership circulation.

"[Libraries] indicate how strong a city is committed, because tax dollars are associated with it."

To the surprise of some, McGlaughlin said that wealth has little to do with a city or community's literacy. Cities like Plano, Texas and Anchorage, Alaska which boast some of the highest median incomes per family, ranked last and 60th respectively.

Even though Seattle didn't take the top ranking for literate cities this year, McGlaughlin said number two is still worth bragging about.

"It's an indicator of how successful a community is."

Seattle has been ranked number one or two the past seven years.

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