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Why Tom Hanks cursed out John Curley

Tom Hanks is known as one of Hollywood's most friendly guy's. But 97.3 KIRO's John Curley says an obscenity laced exchange with the star reveals otherwise.

When movie stars are promoting their latest blockbuster, they commonly sit begrudgingly for a series of interviews with local TV and radio personalities asking the same questions over and over.

97.3 KIRO FM host John Curley's obscenity laden confrontation with Tom Hanks was far from the run of the mill interview.

The less than fond memory was triggered by a conversation Tuesday night on the John Curley Show about our favorite personalities, and who was expected to be friendly but turned out to be far from it.

It happened a few years ago when Curley was still hosting the TV show "Evening Magazine." He was flown to a posh Beverly Hills Hotel and ushered into a suite with Hanks, where he was seated just inches from the star.

"So I'm sitting right next to him. I could reach over and grab his cheek. He's not even looking at me and all of a sudden he goes, 'Who are you?'"

It quickly went downhill from there. "He says, 'That show is still on the air?!'" Hanks then proceeded to imitate and insult Curley's show, so he dropped an obscenity in his response.

"Oh, you curse on the show?" Hanks asked.

"We do different kinds of stories. We do stories about actors who dressed up like women in the early 80's and are still acting the same way," Curley responded.

Then Hanks brought the encounter to a crashing end. "I'm glad you curse on the show, because #$%* you!" Hanks retorted.

The interview ended right there, as crew and staff sat in stunned silence while John showed even more chutzpah by asking co-star Tim Allen for an interview instead.

"And that was it," Curley said.

But even though his encounter with Hanks was over, Curley's troubles with the studio and the star were just beginning. Listen to him recount what happened next...


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