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GeekWire: Six must-have apps

Check out GeekWire's favorite apps. (AP Photo/file)

The GeekWire team loves apps. Every week on the show, they offer up an App of the Week, to keep you up to date on new or great apps to explore. This week, they decided to expand the app discussion, devoting the entire episode to app chat.

GeekWire App Special favorite app recommendations:

Recommended by Geekwire host Todd Bishop

"One of the things I love about the smartphone and my iPhone in particular is the way that it can replace technology that you used to have to pay for," says Bishop. "This thing for $3.99 on the iPhone is better than any of those manual tuners that you used to use. You just sit there with your guitar. It has a little meter and it tells you, you're on A, you're on E. You can tune your guitar in like 30 seconds."

Recommended by GeekWire contributor Sasha Pasulka

"It's a productivity app," says Pasulka. "It's the simplest to do list app ever.

"All it is, is a series of list of prioritized items. You can just use your finger to drag around your to do list items," says Pasulka. "It has all these kinds of game aspects to it, where when you cross an item off the list it makes a whoosh sound, and when you move in between lists it makes these great sounds so I feel really excited when I cross something off."

Cocktail Compass
Recommended by GeekWire contributor Rebecca Lovell

"It picks up on my location and it tells me all the nearest happy hours, and just as importantly how many hours and minutes left I have to take advantage of those deals," says Lovell.

Card Munch
Recommended by GeekWire contributor Sasha Pasulka

"What it does is you take a photo of a business card and it scans in all that information on that business card," says Pasulka. "So you'll get that person's name and phone number without doing anything. You literally just take a picture of the business card and once its inputted automatically, you can hit one button and it sends a connect request on linkedin. So not only does it store all your contact information, but it makes it really easy for you to connect with people."

Recommended by GeekWire host John Cook

"Essentially what Postagram does is allows you to go into your existing photo library, pull a photo out and then type in an address of somebody you want to send an actual physical postcard to for just 99 cents," says Cook. "For 99 cents you can actually put a personalized message and a photo of your family members or wherever you're traveling and send it off."

Recommended by GeekWire contributor Rebecca Lovell

"This wonderful app, which I have up on my iPhone right now, not only enables you to order not a taxi, but a stylish town car. It will tell you how far away the nearest driver is and then you can track this little town car as it gets closer and closer to you, so total accountability for your driver's location," says Lovell.

Listen to the full list of must-have apps and the latest episode of Geekwire:

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