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Tukwila superintendent resigns following accusations of racism

Following accusations of racism, the Tukwila Superintendent of Schools has resigned.

"If she wasn't a person of color, me personally, I would have gone after her long before now," bus driver Richie Coleman told KING 5.

Ethelda Burke has been on paid administrative leave, during which the office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigated allegations by 10 district employees of racial harassment and discrimination.

Burke resigned on June 30. In a letter, she wrote that the allegations had taken a toll on her family, and she thought it would be "impossible" for her to be effective if she returned to work as the Tukwila Superintendent.

Some of the accusations included telling a bus driver he had to stop being a "big, black bus driver, scaring all of the white drivers," and referring to "professional African American women as slaves."

The district said it has not seen any evidence proving Burke discriminated against any employee.


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