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Mom headed to Ethiopia to honor daughter's charity-water legacy

(Beckwith family)

For the one-year anniversary of Rachel Beckwith's death, her mother will travel to Ethiopia to visit the communities who now have access to clean water because of her daughter's charity.

Rachel died on July 23, 2011 from complications from a car accident on I-90. Her death came just over a month after her ninth birthday. Rather than celebrate with a party and gifts, Rachel told her mom she wanted to raise money for a charity that brings clean drinking water to people all over the world.

Rachel had a goal of $300, but her charity reached $1.2 million after her church kept the effort alive and spread the word. Mycharity: water estimates about 60,000 people will benefit from Rachel's campaign.

"Rachel's lasting legacy will be seen in the lives and smiles of thousands of children like her that will now have access to life's most basic need: clean and safe drinking water," said charity: water founder and CEO, Scott Harrison.

Rachel's mom, Samantha Paul, will travel with her family and EastLake's Pastor, Ryan Meeks.

The church will host an event Aug. 3 to continue to raise awareness for the need of clean water in developing countries. At Drinks4Drinks, 100 percent of the money donated will go to bringing clean water to the nation of Cambodia.


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