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Hotel suites dedicated to books, music & films

Hotel Max, above, partnered with Sub Pop Records who took over the hotel's fifth floor, complete with vinyl records and old-school posters. (Image courtesy Hotel Max Facebook page)

It’s no big surprise when a hotel incorporates art into its décor. But how about when a hotel embraces other kinds of culture?

Indie music and Seattle go hand in hand, right? That’s why Hotel Max partnered with one of the biggest indie record labels in the business. Sub Pop Records, the guys who put out Nirvana’s first album, has taken over the hotel’s fifth floor, complete with vinyl records and old-school posters.

The Algonquin Hotel in New York has a long literary history. After all, this is where Dorothy Parker and the Vicious Circle used to gather at the Round Table. Now the hotel has partnered with a major book publisher. The new Simon & Schuster suite has a permanent collection of classics and bestsellers, and also gets you access to advance copies of books that haven’t been published yet.

And keep your eyes open for this one: Paramount Pictures is planning to open its first movie-themed hotel in Dubai in the next couple of years – including screening rooms. The complex will also have a commercial zone, so of course, they’ll have all that movie paraphernalia for sale as well.

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