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Ross: Ready to chill out, now that the election is over


Tuesday’s midterm election wasn’t quite the wave Democrats hoped for – the president still has the magic touch – but Democrats do get control of the House. And there was some interesting flotsam from a few red states, such as a minimum wage passing in Arkansas and Missouri, legalized medical marijuana in Missouri, and giving felons the right to vote in Florida.

So, do the Democrats use their new majority impeach President Trump and maybe even demand his tax returns? Just because they can? Or do they offer to help him keep some of the promises everyone agrees on: like covering pre-existing conditions; cutting drug prices; fixing up our Third World roads?

Personally, I hope they go for the stuff everyone agrees on.

But for now, I’m ready to chill. Because it’s suddenly quiet. TV has gone back to the normal level of violence. The landline has stopped ringing, (possibly because you ripped it out after the 47th robocall). Your blood pressure is almost back to normal.

And once again, we have peacefully voted some people in, and kicked others out. So suppose we reward ourselves by gathering with our families to explain that we still love each other. I recommend the fourth Thursday of the month?

And then eat until we black out. I think the idea could catch on.

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