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Dori: Politicians who attract drug vagrants put Seattle’s women at risk

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UPDATE: Port of Seattle police caught the man allegedly responsible for attacking the woman at the Westin over a week ago urinating on cars in the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport parking garage. It turned out the man’s parents had reported him missing six weeks ago.

The correlation right now is very clear; our policies are putting women at grave risk around here. What we have seen around the Puget Sound — and it is accelerating at breakneck speed — is that our entire region has become so filled with drug vagrants. The women of our region are falling victim at an alarming rate to the people who have come to this area because we have become the most inclusive, welcoming place in the country for drug vagrants.

Let’s talk about what happened a week ago at the Westin Hotel downtown Seattle, as KIRO 7’s Linzi Sheldon reported and told us. A woman who was here on a business trip was staying at the Westin. You would think a woman staying at a nice hotel where lots of people are staying would be safe. She got on the elevator with a bunch of other people to go up to her room at about 9 p.m. last Thursday, and, as other people got off, was eventually the only person left in the elevator with a 210-pound, 20-year-old man. This man allegedly got off the elevator with her.

The woman had an odd feeling about the man and did not go into her room. And thank goodness she didn’t — the man allegedly attacked her right there in the Westin’s hallway. According to the police report, she struggled very hard and screamed, but he got her pants zipper down and allegedly attempted to choke her. A man staying in a nearby room ran out, yelled at the man, and called security. Luckily, they were able to catch the six-foot-four man who attacked her.

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I don’t know if this guy is a druggie, but according to court records, he certainly appears to be a vagrant. Let me tell you a little bit about the alleged attacker. He came here about a month ago from Virginia. He has no ties to our community, no job, and no known address. So it sounds like he is another one of the drug vagrants that Kshama Sawant and Sally Bagshaw and Mike O’Brien and Bruce Harrell and Jenny Durkan and Dow Constantine have been working feverishly to attract to our region so that they can raise taxes to ‘fix’ these problems and by so doing, transfer more of our dollars to government coffers.

But this is not just a financial issue. We’re talking about a human issue. We’re talking about the woman who was raped in a bathroom while getting her car serviced in Ballard. That man had come here from Texas. We’re talking about people like Kelly Herron, who had to fight off a would-be rapist in the bathroom at Golden Gardens. That man had moved here from Arizona because the Puget Sound area is the place to be if you want to be a drug vagrant. They won’t arrest you; it’s legal in King and Snohomish Counties to have heroin or meth in small amounts. You can shoot up on a downtown bus bench right in front of a cop and they can’t do anything about it. Government even wants to give you a safe site in which you can shoot up.

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Now, the Washington state Supreme Court got us a step closer to legal heroin everywhere today by shutting down Initiative 27. Of course, it was no surprise — you know how they’re going to rule on every single issue based on how far left or right that issue is. This was an effort to fight the left that wants to put these heroin death sites around the region. This initiative would have put heroin injection sites on the ballot for citizens to ban or uphold. That made the lawmakers crazy because they want this to be the heroin capital of the United States, so we can bring more drug vagrant rapists here.

We have politicians who have created the most attractive nuisance destination for criminals and drug vagrants in the country. And we’ve got a lot of women who are paying a very dear price. I’ve got to ask the Seattle City Council a serious question. When you have done everything that you can to create this atmosphere, and you hear about women who are sexually assaulted — how do you deal with that? How in the world do you handle the consequences of your policies? Particularly the women on the council, who no doubt say they are feminists — Sally Bagshaw, Kshama Sawant, Lorena Gonzalez, Lisa Herbold, Debora Juarez, Teresa Mosqueda? Are you OK that you’re bringing all these attackers here who have are making the streets dangerous for our women?

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This is my city. I was born and raised here. My wife and I chose to raise our family here. And I watch the politicians destroy it more every day. I watch them implementing policies that lead to the sexual assault of women, and treat these women as necessary sacrifices on the path to Progressiv-ity.

It is shameful, the people we have running things around here. And our women are getting attacked by drug vagrants because of it. Every single member of our miserable, godforsaken city council is responsible.

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