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When you tune into the Dori Monson Show weekdays from Noon-3pm, prepare for a wild ride through the day's news, pop culture, and talk you're not going to hear anywhere else. He promises and delivers three hours of outstanding radio entertainment every day.

Groomed for the job on the Mean Streets of Ballard, Monson got his first taste of Seattle radio while dialed in on his transistor radio, from high atop his palatial backyard treehouse. Seattle's own talk host on Seattle's top NewsTalk station, Monson is a graduate of Ballard High School and the University of Washington. He brings a perspective to the conversation that only a Seattle native and lifetime resident can offer.

Hard-hitting talk about the local issues that affect your life and make you laugh are part of every day's show. Monson is a watchdog of local, state and national government and a passionate advocate of personal responsibility. His shows on drunk driving have been credited by state lawmakers as a powerful force behind tougher DUI legislation in our state.

Monson has been described by some as a pit bull - fiercely protective of those he loves, and vicious to who cross him (and deserve his wrath). His listeners really know that he's more like a golden retriever - oozing and drooling pure love.

During the NFL season, Monson is host of the pre-, halftime, and post-game coverage on the Seahawks Radio Network. Every Friday during football season, he goes toe- to-toe with two of the finest football-picking nuns in the country as he battles One-on-One with the Nuns - Sisters Kath and Cele.

Dori and his wife, Suzanne, have been married for over 20 years. They have three daughters. Monson is an avid bicyclist - crossing the region from Ballard to Bothell - from Myrtle Edwards to Seward Park. He also is an enthusiastic basketball player and coach. As founder and coach of Rattlesnakes Girls Basketball, his teams have competed throughout the West including the 2007 Maui Summer Classic.

Coaching is one of many ways Monson stays involved with youth and philanthropic groups. He's a past trustee at Seattle Children's Theater. His private and on-air fundraising work supports Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center, FareStart, the Union Gospel Mission, MADD, the Boys & Girls Club, and many local schools and booster clubs.


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