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Does Ellen have a surprise in store for Seattle?

On Friday, Ellen tweeted she’d be doing something special in Seattle on Monday.

Latest:Ellen thanked UW on Tuesday!

Ellen Degeneres wasn’t here in person, but she sent her reporter to rally a huge crowd at the University of Washington on a beautiful Monday afternoon. The crowd was just as energetic as Ellen had anticipated.

The UW appearance will air Tuesday afternoon on Ellen’s show.

So it sounds like costumes are encouraged. Does someone have a Space Needle costume handy?

Things are getting started at 2:30 p.m.!

Hey guys, we want to see what’s happening over at the University of Washington today! If you’re at Rainier Vista to show off Seattle’s best, tweet photos to @MyNorthwest or @KIRORadio and we’ll post them to this live blog!

Where to be: Ellen now says she hopes to see “Seattle’s best” at Rainier Vista. Here’s a link to a map so you know where to go on the University of Washington campus -> MAP

Apparently Ellen isn’t actually in Seattle for whatever promotion or contest she’s doing. She said she will see Seattle “live from her studio” though.

We’re caffeinated and ready.

We’ll be following what happens today after reading a mysterious tweet from TV host Ellen DeGeneres, sent out on Friday.

On Saturday she followed it up her comment with this:

We’re ready to show off our best … and find out what this all means.

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