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Seattle scores low on new jerk factor ranking

If you have an affinity for Nickelback among other things, a new list says you just might be a 'd-bag'. (AP file)

When it comes to insults, calling someone a ‘d-bag’ (actual term edited to avoid offensiveness) is one of the worst. Luckily, your chances of running into one in Seattle isn’t nearly as high as it is elsewhere, at least according to one new list.

The guys at Seattle-based real estate service Estately decided it was time to figure out where you are most, and least, likely to encounter a d-bag, and spent way too much time doing some big data diving to come up with the rankings of the biggest ‘d-bags’ per capita in the 100 most populated U.S. cities.

So what constitutes a ‘d-bag’?

“Its a broad umbrella, but I would say someone who is arrogant and repugnant to others, carries himself with an offensive style and swagger and lives in a perpetual state of pubescent immaturity but is completely unaware of how he comes off,” says Estately’s Bryan Nickum, who helped craft the study. Nickum says the term could just as easily be jerk or some other insult, but you get the picture.

Based on the rankings, Seattle had the third fewest ‘d-bags’, while Laredo, Texas had the most per capita. Fremont, California scored best in the rankings.

The Estately team turned to Facebook data to come up with their criteria, basing it on the percentage of male Facebook users in each city who listed the following criteria as “interests” on Facebook: Nickelback, Monster Energy, Axe (brand), Don Ed Hardy, Vin Diesel, Chris Brown, Tosh.0, Mixed Martial Arts, Bluetooth, and Dane Cook.

As for Nickum, he admits he might score a few points on the ‘d-bag’ scale, since he does like MMA. But he insists he doesn’t own any Ed Hardy clothing. And he says creating such a list is probably a bit of a ‘d-bag’ thing to do.

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