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That time Jim Harbaugh was on ‘Saved By the Bell’


Jim Harbaugh is known for his success rate as a football coach, his pleated pants, and his temper – to name a few.

710 ESPN’s Brock and Danny told the Morning News on KIRO Radio they agree that Harbaugh is great at winning football games. But because of the way he goes about it, when he leaves a place like Stanford, it leaves those left behind breathing a sigh of relief.

“When you are a competitor at everything, I think it makes you difficult to be around,” said Danny.

Which made us wonder, what happened when a young, competitive then-Indianapolis Colts quarterback Harbaugh had an opportunity to test out his acting chops?

Did he put Screech to shame on a very special episode of “Saved by the Bell?”

We found the clip so you have a chance to see if any of his uber-competitiveness shines through:

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