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Relive the Seahawks Super Bowl celebration covered the historic Seahawks parade and Super Bowl celebration at CenturyLink Field on Wednesday. Relive the day through the photos, tweets, and reports from around Seattle.

Check current traffic conditions
Photos from the parade and CenturyLink Field celebratioon
Listen: KIRO FM broadcasting live from CenturyLink Field


3:46 Great shot from our friend Josh Trujillo



3:21 Paul Allen holds the Lombardi trophy aloft as confetti falls, cannons shoot fire into the air. The party is over.

3:18 Transportation update:

3:16 Russell Wilson now speaking to crowd. Calls out Beast Mode and the rest of the offense including the line. “To win multiple Super Bowls, you have to win the first…our plan is to win another one for you next year.”

3:14 Legion of Boom led by Richard Sherman dances on stage as Sherman introduces the best secondary in football. Says it’s the entire defense.

3:13 Transportation update:

3:11 Pete Carroll takes the stage, leading “Sea-Hawks” cheer. “This has been an extraordinary day.”

3:10 Transportation update:

3:04 Seahawks owner Paul Allen now thanking 12th Man. “We wouldn’t be here without you. I’m excited to celebrate the first Seahawks Super Bowl victory with all of you today.”

3:01 Expect plenty of gridlock after Seahawks celebration ends. Check out the latest here.

2:55 Hall of Famer Walter Jones raises the 12th Man flag at CenturyLink Field. Steve Raible now starting the presentation.

2:54Pete Carroll followed by Russell Wilson hoisting the Lombardi trophy as Seattle celebrates at CenturyLink Field as Marshawn Lynch gives Wilson a champagne shower.


2:49 A historic day

2:47 710 ESPN’s Brock Huard just pointed out average turnover rate of 35 percent for NFL teams each season, so last time some of these guys will be together as they take the field at CenturyLink Field.

2:46 Transportation update for those trying to get out of downtown now via Seattle Times:

Community Transit just announced that an extra six to eight buses will pick up passengers on Second Avenue, then enter I-5 at James Street, and go north to the Aurora Village and Lynnwood transit centers, starting at 2:30 p.m. Extra Swift buses will shuttle riders from Aurora Village on Highway 99 to Everett.

Sound Transit operating buses north to Everett, Lynnwood, and Ash Way on routes 510 and 511.

Light-rail trains will continue to run every six minutes all day — compared with 7 1/2 minutes at peak, 10 minutes midday.

Washington State Ferries is expecting 19,000 passengers leaving Colman Dock for Bainbridge and Bremerton, compared to 7,100 people normally.

2:37 The scene inside CenturyLink Field

2:32 The players have gathered in CenturyLink Field and the party is about to begin

2:31 This was the players’ view from wide receiver Sidney Rice

2:23 The Lombardi Trophy is heading into CenturyLink Field. The party continues. You can listen live here

2:21 What a day

2:16 Clearly Beast Mode had a good time in the parade!

2:14 Boeing #12 makes a pass over CenturyLink Field

2:07 12s from all over are sharing in this special day. Here’s one example from KIRO listener Louis Sciascia:

I am from Edison NJ and have been a Seahawks fan since 1978. I think I was one of the first east coast subscribers to the Norm Evans Seahawk Report lol. This is such a great feeling! What a GREAT team and organization.

1:59 Fans climbing anywhere to get a view

1:57 Mama Sherman keeping warm

1:54 City of Seattle urging patience as parade winds down.

“Now, as folks are getting ready to leave for home, we are asking them to remember: it took six or seven hours for everyone to get downtown for the parade; and it will likely take at least that long for transportation systems to return to normal,” says Barb Graff, director of Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management.

1:51 Parade finally getting close to CenturyLink Field

1:47 So many fans have filled both stadiums, thousands more gathering in CenturyLink Field parking lot to watch celebration on big screen

1:40 The special Boeing 747 Seahawks jet continues flying in a holding pattern above Boeing field, awaiting flyby of CenturyLink Field when parade arrives. You can follow the progress here.

1:34 Hats off to the Seattle Police Foundation for these cool lids. Wonder if we can buy them anywhere?

1:28 Even our friends at the Stranger are getting into the spirit today!

1:23 So many amazing shots from the parade

1:15 Richard Sherman and Malcom Smith to appear on Jimmy Kimmel next week

1:12 Legion of Boom!

1:10 Parade convoy now approaching Pioneer Square

1:09 Golden Tate waves the 12th Man flag at Westlake Center

1:04 Could it be any more beautiful in Seattle today?

1:02 What’s a Skittles shower look like? Check out the video:

1:00 Seattle Public Schools reports 565 teachers absent today, out of nearly 3,000 teachers total.
District says on average, there are between 270-400 teachers out per day.

A total of 13,523 students reported absent as of this morning, out of 51,000 students enrolled in the district. For comparison purposes, there were 2,770 student absences yesterday.

12:56 Washington State Ferries issues bulletin for return trips across the Puget Sound to Bremerton and Bainbridge Island.

12:52 City of Seattle says 911 calls not going through because of heavy mobile phone use. Asking people to stop using their phones.

12:49 710 ESPN’s Shannon Drayer says she’s never seen anything like this before

12:48 Richard Sherman

12:45 Russell Wilson

12:42 Beastmode knows how to ride

12:39 Hey it’s T-Jack…oh yeah, and some guy named Russell Wilson.

12:36 Safeco Field filling up

12:34 Just how loud was it at 12:12?

12:32 Fans complaining of long lines to get in to CenturyLink Field despite arriving long ago

12:27 Legion of Boom making its way to Century Link Field

12:24 This is what it’s all about

12:22 Some fans getting frustrated with massive crowds.

12:20 CenturyLink Field filling in for celebration

12:17 Brock Huard and Dori Monson are broadcasting live from CenturyLink Field. Send them your text messages at 71710 and Listen here.

12:16 Seattle Police now estimated 700,000 people in downtown Seattle.

12:15 Legion of Boom carrying the Lombardi Trophy in parade.

12:14 Multiple reports of scattered Skittles

12:11 It’s about to get loud – moment of loudness 12:12

12:08 Moment of Loudness declared by Governor Inslee approaches. Get ready to make some noise.

12:06 Now it’s a parade

11:59 View from above

11:57 Fans filling Safeco Field

11:55 Skittles

11:52 Marshawn Lynch will be throwing Skittles from front of truck. Parade finally underway!

11:49 KIRO Radio’s Brandi Kruse reports counting people “65 deep” in Pioneer Square. People from Alaska, Canada, Atlanta, Vermont and more.

11:47 Washington National Guard trying to get everyone going. Will transport some of the team. 710 ESPN’s Brock Huard chastised for calling their Humvees “dumptrucks.”

11:44 Clearly the estimate of 300-500,00 people was vastly under.

11:41 Gallery: We’re compiling the best pictures from the Seahawks Super Bowl celebration in our special gallery Great shots on a picture perfect day.

11:38 Coach Pete Carroll is ready to go

11:35 Ferry passengers still waiting to get across Puget Sound. WSF reports 1-2 boat waits for walk on passengers as well. Passengers tell us it is unprecedented.

11:34 Seahawks in the house. Almost time!

11:32 Ready to roll

11:30 Russell Wilson has arrived

11:26 It’s getting crazy out there!

11:23 Team buses have finally made it to the start of the parade route. Things should get underway soon, but based on the crowd it’s definitely going to take far longer than originally planned.

11:18 The Seattle Department of Transportation shares a photo that really shows the scale of interest in this event.


11:06 Skittles offers its congratulations to the Seahawks and the 12th Man.

11:04 The City of Seattle is reminding 12th Man fans they should keep their distance from the parade vehicles for everyone’s safety.

11:01 “This is a madhouse unlike I have ever seen,” says Dori Monson, broadcasting live from CenturyLink Field. Listen live.


11:00 Fans are ready to cheer on their Seattle Seahawks. Check out more photos from the parade.

10:58 KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson and 710 ESPN’s Brock Huard take over the broadcasts on 97.3 KIRO FM and 710 ESPN as the parade begins. Listen live.

10:55 710 ESPN’s Jessamyn McIntyre notes the score from the Seahawks Super Bowl win is displayed on CenturyLink scoreboard.

10:53 WSDOT spots some fancy buses getting a police escort to the action.

10:51 Keep safe out there 12th Man.

10:44 A Seahawks fan from Atlanta tells KIRO Radio’s Brandi Kruse he spent $700 on a ticket to see the parade. Listen: Fans tell us why they turned out.

10:39 Check live traffic cams for current conditions. WSDOT says Seattle/Bremerton ferry is a two boat wait. Seattle/Bainbridge is one boat wait for walk-on passengers.

10:36 Things look pretty great at CenturyLink Field as Seattle prepares to celebrate its Seahawks.

10:34 Report: Traffic is backed up on 15th Ave. NW all the way from downtown past Ballard high school.

10:23 SEA-HAWKS rally chant begins at FX McRory’s. Listen as KIRO Radio’s Tom and Curley broadcast live from FX McRory’s.

10:15 Celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII! Relive the Seahawks Super Bowl win with the best moments called by Steve Raible. Listen now.

10:10 710 ESPN Seattle captures a pic as fans start flowing into CenturyLink Field.

9:58 Len Brandt sends in a cute pic of Seahawks fans ready to greet the team.


9:55 Boeing says to look for the Seahawks 747-8 doing a flyover at today’s event.


9:50 Seattle Police are encouraging everyone to stay safe on sidewalks and stay off the streets. SPD’s Mark Jamieson joins Seattle’s Morning News with tips. Listen.

9:48 Crowds around Westlake Park in downtown Seattle are beginning to thicken.

9:37 Parking lots in downtown Seattle are filling up. View listings of available spaces.

9:35 Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn gives KIRO Radio’s Morning News the lowdown on kids missing school for the Seahawks parade. Listen.

9:31 There’s quite a wait at the West Seattle water taxi.


9:27 710 ESPN Seattle’s Brady Henderson is at CenturyLink watching the setup begin.

9:24 Governor Inslee calls for moment of loudness at 12:12. Get ready 12th Man.

9:22 Crowds of Seahawks fans are already waiting outside of CenturyLink Field.

9:18 Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll’s morning greeting to the 12th Man.

9:14 KIRO Radio’s Tim Haeck is live down at the parade route. Check out the photos he’s sent in so far.

9:09 KIRO Radio’s Tom and Curley Show are broadcasting live from FX McRory’s. LISTEN LIVE.


9:06 There are huge walk-on ferry lines in Bremerton.

9:02 It’s been 35 years since fans lined the streets of downtown Seattle to honor the NBA champion SuperSonics. And all these years later, the memory remains strong for former Sonic Wally Walker. Read his account of Seattle’s last championship parade.

8:55 WSDOT’s recommendation for ferry travelers this morning.

8:48 Colorado Department of Transportation sends a message to WSDOT.

8:45 A Seahawks fan bus makes its way to the celebration on I-5.


8:39: A train packed with Seahawks fans takes off from Mt. Baker.


8:37 Listen to 97.3 KIRO FM or listen live online for updates from the parade and your latest traffic info. Check live traffic cams here.

8:30 The West Seattle water taxi is experiencing heavy traffic.

8:25 WSDOT tweets already sounding a little concerned about what is to come.

8:22 Driving into Seattle? Click here for real-time info on where and how many parking spots are left in lots and garages.

8:16 Seattle has always loved a parade says Seattle historian Feliks Banel. Take a look back at Seattle’s past parade highlights.

8:15 Seattle City Councilmember Sally Clark says the crowd hours before the parade start is already beating one of city’s biggest annual parades.

8:09 A panoramic view of Westlake Park via reader Brad:


8:05 Another parade-going 12th Man fans via KIRO reporter Tim Haeck:


7:53 The overflow viewing area at Safeco Field is at capacity. Best get to a spot along the parade route soon.


Gov. proclaims ‘moment of loudness’ for Seahawks

… and it will happen at 12:12!! Here are the details.

7:46 With crowds like this, maybe it will be easier to keep warm!

7:45 Uh-oh … think about adjusting your plans if you had been thinking about taking the Sounder train into Seattle this morning.

7:43 Seattle cops weren’t allowed to take the day off today – everyone is on duty! And apparently … even Bellevue PD is coming in to help:

7:40 The Seahawks are bigger than the Beatles? Dave Ross explains …

7:35 Expect a wait if you’re trying to commute in for the parade:

7:33 This is awesome!

7:26 This is what the weather looks like right now:


7:18 Here are some things you should know about traffic if you’re coming in for the parade today …
Expect traffic delays ahead of Seahawks parade

7:15 Curbside seats are going fast!


6:48 The City of Seattle offered some tips about today’s parade:


6:35 If you want to get a spot on the parade route – the sooner the better. There are plenty of people already getting ready for the big event at 11: a.m.

6:32 Still need details about today’s parade? Visit this page to get complete details –> Stage set for Seahawks parade, party

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