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Live Puget Sound snow tracker

Snow fell in the Western Washington lowlands Friday, and early risers saw accumulations of 1 to 3 inches.

As drivers braved the slick conditions and schools closed for the day, we kept track of the photos, incidents, and threats that came with the storm. The morning commute may be over, but use the links below to find out the latest about how the storm is affecting you.

>>>School closings and alerts
>>>Check the forecast
>>>Scan the traffic cameras
>>>Check King County Metro rider alerts
>>>Check Snohomish County’s Community Transit
>>>Check Pierce Transit

9:00 The roads are still slick so be careful out there, but we’re wrapping up the live blog for now.

NWS’ Ted Beuhner said this might have been a dress rehearsal for early 2014, so know – we’ll be doing this again as soon it snows!

8:49 Some light snow still coming down in this backyard in the Kirkland-Redmond area.

Thanks Lennon!

8:44 Some decorative snowflakes and some real ones:

Thanks for sharing Anastasia!

8:37 Our school closings page just got a makeover. And even more schools are being delayed for the day. Check out all the School Alerts & Closings here.

8:35 It’s not all bad news out there … WSDOT via Twitter says, “Seeing more roads that are bare and wet and traffic is moving pretty well on I-5 and I-405 and across the bridges.”

8:31 Traffic problems are ongoing, traffic reporter Kimi Kline is getting calls about Highway 18.

8:28 Snow in Mill Creek …

Thanks for sharing Kate!

8:24 Chance of a Seahawks snow ball fight?

Golden Tate said on Twitter: “Winter wonderland outside . Wonder if Pete will get our competitive juices going by having a big snowball fight? @PeteCarroll”

But Pete Carroll just told KIRO Radio … heads will roll if there is a snowball fight.

8:21 Cars in ditches!

8:14 A picturesque view in Seattle!

Thanks for sharing Annette!

8:14 KIRO Radio anchor Kim Shepard woke up to a blanket of white this morning in Snoqualmie Valley and sent us a few photos, including this one …


8:07 Here is the latest Winter Storm Warning from the National Weather Service. Some areas will be under a winter storm warning until 6 p.m. tonight.

8:04 Tim Haeck is in Issaquah where snow continues to fall. He hit a patch of ice on the backside of Cougar Mountain.

8:00 And speaking of our bleak chance of more snow this year … Let’s look at Seattle weather going back to when records began in 1891, with records in downtown Seattle through 1944 and at Sea-Tac Airport from 1945 to present. –> That story here.

7:57 UW meteorologist Cliff Mass says we won’t see any more snow for the rest of the year.

In case you missed it, Mass talked to us about how our weather is not getting ‘worse’ earlier this week.

7:55 Where are traction tires required?

7:53 From King County Roads via Twitter:
“KC road crews continue to plow and sand countywide. Best to stick to the major arterials until rain moves in…”

7:50 The main snow event might be over, but we’re guessing the traffic issues will be on-going.

7:45 Three inches of snow Kirkland. We’ll try and get list of snow totals for you guys before the rain melts it all.

7:43 Snow might not be falling in Seattle or Tacoma, but it’s still coming down in Everett. And just because it’s not snowing right now doesn’t mean the roads aren’t slick. Be careful!

7:41 An update from WSDOT.

7:40 Northbound I-5 in Federal Way has seen a number of problems this morning. KIRO Radio traffic reporter Kimi Kline says to watch out it for that area.

Fortunately, there have been fewer cars on the road, and it’s probably a good idea to keep it that way. Rain is expected to melt the residual snow between 9 and 10 a.m.

7:36 Even if snow is starting to lighten up around the Puget Sound, a number of school closures and delays are still in effect: More here.

7:34 And speaking of Blue Friday … Kam Chancellor shared a snow photo via Instagram this morning …

7:31 It might be snowing, but it’s still Blue Friday!

Thanks for letting us share this Max!

7:30 While a few flurries might remain, KING 5 meteorologist Rich Marriott says the radar is showing the snow event is done. If you want to play in the snow before it melts away – you better do it soon.

7:27 “Countless spin-outs” reports KIRO Radio traffic reporter. She’s seeing several accidents on the roads this morning – check out our traffic map here.

7:23 WSP trooper Chris Webb reports via Twitter, “Various collisions all over the county. Try to clear vehicles off the road if involved in an incident. Response time will be lengthy.”

7:20 Seattle DOT is posting roads closed to their winter weather response map as updates come in from Seattle Police.

7:19 Seasons Greetings!

Thanks Troy!

7:15 KIRO Radio traffic reporter Kimi Kline is keeping an eye on the snowy roads. Here is what she’s seeing right now …


7:13 KIRO Radio reporter Tim Haeck says he’s seeing light snow still falling in South Sound.

7:12 A plea for more snow from Troy:

7:10 From the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office: “North county deputies say roads are passable if you DRIVE FOR THE CONDITIONS – that means take it SLOW”

7:08 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Thanks for letting us share this one Liembo!

7:06 Snow in University Place!

Thanks for sharing Mon!

7:05 The radar shows that the snow has stopped for the most part south of I-90.

7:04 If only we could all commute in this winter weather with a vehicle like this:

Thanks for sharing John!

7:00 KIRO Radio reporter Chris Sullivan spotted this bus in trouble in Lake Stevens …

6:58 We’re posting your photos to a gallery here. Share your photos with us by tweeting @MyNorthwest or emailing

6:55 Kimi Kline is in the house and keeping an eye on the roads for us:

6:53 Jamie Holter with traffic management Inrix is watching side streets this morning. She is seeing issues in Mill Creek, the south and east ends of Mercer Islands have some tricky spots and there are backups on Delridge in West Seattle.

Everyone is trying to get to the freeway, she says, and all you need is one person to slide or get stuck, and it will cause problems for everyone else trying to get on the road.

6:51 Compact snow on neighborhood streets, arterial roads can slip cars, warns KIRO Radio’s Tim Haeck. He reports from the Eastside where the major roads and highways appear to be mostly clear.

6:49 Due to inclement weather, Seattle Pacific University will open at 9:30 a.m. today.

6:42 The snow is falling in Everett … here is a view of the roads:

6:40 WSDOT reports … “2 more collisions: WB 18 at SR 516 (left lane) and SB I-5 south of 116th NE (right lane).”

6:36 Oops looks like a bus got stuck in Renton …

6:33 KIRO Radio reporter Tim Haeck is out on the roads. He warns that even if it looks like there isn’t any snow on the road, doesn’t mean it’s not slick.

6:31 Listener/reader Andrea in Maple Valley is seeing the snow come down!

Thanks for sharing Andrea!


6:28 KIRO Radio reporter Chris Sullivan is in Lake Stevens, he says something is brewing on Hwy 204 toward Everett where everything is stopped. So he paused to take a picturesque photo:

6:26 Holiday travel plans shouldn’t be impacted too much since rain is expected to move in this afternoon. If you’re heading towards Eastern Washington, be prepared for “winter driving conditions,” says Buehner.

6:25 National Weather Service meteorologist Ted Buehner joins the Morning News on KIRO Radio now. We’ll post the podcast ASAP.

6:24 Capitol Hill blogger @jseattle says he’s watching a number 43 bus that’s stuck at John and 19th. Be sure to check out snow routes for buses in the links at the top of the page.

6:20 Rich Marriott says we can expect 1 to 4 inches around the Puget Sound area.

6:19 A piece of advice from Dave Ross: Anytime you’re on an elevated viaduct … remember those freeze before other parts of the road.

6:17 Phew, thanks for the advice, WSDOT …

6:11 4 Lanes blocked:

6:09 From Rich … the Port of Tacoma is seeing a blanket of white too –

Thanks Rich!

6:04 St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School in Everett is closed today – for other info visit our School Closings and Alerts page.

6:02 Seattle University law students facing exams today. They’re Open at 10 a.m. with modified exams schedule ->

6:00 Latest from King County Metro Transit:
“As of 5:56 AM, King County Metro Transit is operating all service via designated snow routes in all areas until further notice.” You can visit the Metro Snow, Ice & Flood Alerts page for more bus information.

5:54 Reader/listener John C reports 1″ in Lake Stevens:


Thanks John!

5: 50 KING 5 meteorologist Rich Marriott forecasts an inch of snow an hour until 8 a.m. We’ll transition to the rain/snow mix between 9 and 10 a.m.

5:49 A warning from Chris Sullivan: this is what happens when you follow to closely.

5:44 From WSDOT: “Seeing slowdowns SB from Everett, NB from Fed Way, SB to Everett, NB 167, SB 405 from Lynnwood, Renton S Curves, NB to Seattle.”

5:42 Holy smokes! Already more than an inch in Arlington …

5:40 School for Archbishop Murphy High School in Everett has been CANCELED! Check out a list of current school closures here.

5:37 More traffic problems the further north you go in the Puget Sound … from WSDOT, “On US 2 westbound just west of Homeacres Rd there is a disabled vehicle blocking the left lane and partially blocking the right lane.”

5:35 An early dusting in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood (Thanks reader/listener Christy!):

5:32 Chris Sullivan is driving through Alderwood, at about 50 miles per hour and has come across multiple accidents this morning. He says to make sure you give yourself extra room on the road.

5:31 Maybe it’s not the best morning to go to the mall …

5:30 KING 5 meteorologist Rich Marriott says snow will continue to fall heavily during the commute, but is expected to change to a rain/snow mix between 9 a.m. If you don’t have to get on the road before 10 a.m., Marriott says, DON’T!

5:28 An accident reported on NB I-5 at 528 in Marysville.

5:24 A dusting in SeaTac! Thank you to Ryan for the photo. You can send your photos to us via twitter @MyNorthwest.

5:20 a.m. Reporter Chris Sullivan just instagramed the first snow photo (we’ve seen) of the day. Thanks Chris!

5:17 a.m. Get a list of Seattle’s most recently treated streets here.

5:11 a.m. WSDOT says they’re ready to sand the roadways today – but they’re also counting on drivers to take extra precaution this morning.

4:54 a.m. Send us your snow photos this morning by emailing them to or tweeting them @MyNorthwest

4:51 a.m. KIRO Radio reporter Chris Sullivan is en route to the City of Snohomish to see what snowfall is accumulating there.

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