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Patton Oswalt, his 4-year-old daughter, and naked hippies at Bumbershoot

When Patton Oswalt performed on the comedy stage of this year’s Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival at the Seattle Center, it wasn’t his first time.

He fondly remembers the days when he would visit Seattle, particularly for the annual Labor Day festival – and not necessarily for the most PG reasons.

“You can do drugs and be safe there,” Oswalt said in an interview Monday night with Conan O’Brien. “You can be on drugs in the street in Seattle and nothing will hurt you because everything is made out of marshmallows and flannel.”

Yes, he’s exaggerating. But this year, things needed to be a little more family-friendly because he brought his 4-year-old daughter along to experience her first music festival.

As she played in the International Fountain at the Seattle Center, he realized a problem with Bumbershoot: his daughter was at just the wrong eye level with what Oswalt referred to as “naked hippies.”

As someone who went to Bumbershoot this year, I can tell you, while I saw some scantily clad folks, I didn’t see anyone naked.

All the same, sometimes you need to be prepared to see a little skin even when you’re attending a family-friendly event. Crop tops are in season this year.

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