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The ugly reality of attractiveness in the workplace

According to a sturdy from Michigan State University, unattractive people suffer in the workplace because of their looks. (Image courtesy NBC/The Office)

Just when we thought the days of high school bullying were over, a new study based on attractiveness in the workplace proved us wrong. According to Michigan State University business scholar Brent Scott , unattractive people are more likely to get degraded in the office by their co-workers.

It seems ridiculous that being good-looking determines one’s treatment in the workplace, however it happens more than people might think.

Over 100 employees were surveyed at a health care facility and were asked how often their co-workers engaged in cruel behavior towards them, including co-workers saying spiteful things to each other and acting offensively. Digital photos were used for people who didn’t know the study participants.

As a result of this survey, it was found that the unattractive workers were treated with more disrespect than attractive workers, regardless of other key factors such as age, gender and their loyalty towards the company.

In addition to unattractive employees, researchers also gathered information based on how agreeable or friendly the workers were. Based on this investigation, disagreeable workers were also treated more harshly. Both appearance and personality play an important role.

Managers could prevent employees from being targeted through counseling or social support, now that they are aware of this unpleasant behavior between co-workers.

A report by intern Hannah Kadletz

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