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For Mother’s Day we want to not be a mother

Of course any good mom loves her children, but some alone time is most likely at the top of the list on Sunday.

I checked out the forum where I knew the “what do you want for Mother’s Day” question would no doubt be asked.

The most common answer is “sleep,” and that’s only because the specific forum I was looking at is for moms of 4-5 month olds, notorious for not sleeping through the night. (I’m so tired, I can barely focus on my typing.)

The other answer is something like “a trip to the spa, a pedicure or massage.”

Another post simply asked moms, “Mother’s Day with or without kids?” There are only nine answers so far and most say they’d prefer to spend time with the kiddos, but the most colorful and honest answer is, “I’m going to drink champagne & watch Survivor!”

It’s not so easy to choose sometimes, but all moms need a little “me time” if only to mourn our former identity. No longer are we Stacy and Emily, but Skylar’s mom or Braden’s mom. And if it’s your first time learning to be responsible for another (helpless) human, it’ll take some getting used to.

Sometimes just going for a drive alone with the sunroof open and your choice of music is all a girl needs to feel herself again.

Raising your kids is a labor of love, and one that brings so much joy, but not the carefree kind that you get by wasting a Sunday at U-Village or blowing four hours on a TV marathon. Even finding time for a shower can be difficult some days. Forget about eating a warm meal while actually sitting down for at least a few years.

One of the best answers was “#$%^ sleep, I just want to get drunk.” It seems a simple request to fulfill, but not for new moms. You’re going to feel awful at that 3am feeding and especially so if you’re nursing and have to spend time pumping first. Nobody likes dumping out ‘liquid gold,’ but it’s safer than risking a drunk bundle of joy.

And if you’re the proud owner of a baby allergic to milk, and soy, you can rule out yogurt, butter, and even some breads. Even coffee can turn into a 2am scream-fest.

Of course pedicures, coffee, and champagne seem ridiculous when considering the countless stories of moms who’ve sacrificed themselves to save their children. Any mom would do it. But there are just as many stories of a hair dresser reminding mom to ‘do something nice for herself.’

So while we want to snuggle with the baby in between loads of laundry or go to the zoo on Sunday, we might also want to cash in on what the hair dresser wishes for us… if only for an uninterrupted shower.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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