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Associated Press’ Twitter account hacked; stock market stumbles

The Associated Press' Twitter account was hacked Tuesday morning and this message went out to nearly two million people. (TweetDeck)

The Associated Press’ Twitter account was hacked Tuesday morning.

Nearly two million followers saw a tweet that there were two explosions at the White House and the president was injured.

It was a completely false report, according to the AP, but it was enough to send Wall Street into a brief downward spiral. The Dow dropped about 150 points and S&P 500 about 15 points, according to the Wall Street Journal.

As soon as the AP confirmed the tweet was false, the market bounced right back.

The Associated Press has temporarily suspended its Twitter account as it tries to determine who is responsible for the security breach and most likely, to reset some passwords.

AP’s mobile Twitter account was also hacked, according to @AP_Politics, which wasn’t hacked.

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